Kathy Griffin Wants You to Poop

In a new commercial, funny lady Kathy Griffin states that Americans are “full of shit.”

She stars in the latest campaign for Squatty Potty.

The message is that if people aren’t using the Squatty Potty, they are missing out on an easier and healthier bathroom experience.

Squatty Potty, best known for its pooping-unicorn viral videos from the Harmon Brothers, has hired Griffin as its first celebrity spokesperson. The brand’s CEO and co-creator, Bobby Edwards, called her “quirky, brave and fearless,” and a good ambassador to help Squatty Potty broaden its audience and reach women 35-55.

Griffin is all in on Squatty Potty. “It’s more than a footstool,” she said. “It’s a lifestyle.” America is ready for frank discussions about poop, she said, in part because it’s loosened up lately. She credits a Trump. Just not the Trump you’re thinking. Despite all that, she doesn’t think reality TV can handle reality anymore.

Kathy Griffin & Squatty Potty: We’re Full Of Sh*t

WARNING: Kathy Griffin has a potty mouth. See her latest celebrity run-in with poop culture icon Squatty Potty, then get your butt to https://goo.gl/6uBQFH to poop better! #squattypotty #kathygriffin #pottymouth #likeacolonic

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