Katherine Jackson Files For Custody Of Michael’s Kids

June 29th, 2009 // 7 Comments

Currently, Michael Jackson‘s three children are with their paternal grandmother Katherine Jackson, with whom they hope to stay. And the feeling is mutual.

Katherine has filed for legal guardianship of all three kids in a petition with the Los Angeles Probate Court with a hearing scheduled for August 3.

And his family is confident, with Joe Jackson telling CNN, “We’re not trying to get custody. We will get custody and have custody.”

I just hope for the sake of those kids that they display no talent in singing or dancing whatsoever.

By Lisa Timmons

  1. lucifer

    She doesn’t want the family meal tickets to get away.

  2. T-Bone

    I so feel for these kids. Seriously, as if life wasn’t weird enough with Michael Jackson. Now they have to deal with Grandpa Joe? Give the kids back to their mother. Let them live a normal life, for once.

  3. joan durtz

    Just because someone gives birth to a baby doesn’t mean they are a mother.

    Those kids will be surrounded by family if they are with his mother, and they won’t be lacking any love that is for sure.

  4. LiLi

    Joe Jackson wants the dough. Plain and simple. And sad.

  5. someone

    Joe jackson was a controlling, manipulative, abusive father, what makes anyone think that he will be any different as a grandfather? And katherine couldn’t stop him from abusing her own kids, do you think she will be able to stop him now, with the grandkids? He is a money hungry dirtbag, who hired a moving van to go to Michaels house and start hauling things out already..All he care about is the almighty dollar, and he will exploit those children any way he can. IMO

  6. chanda norton

    for the 15th thousandth time. Joe and Katherine split up years ago… Joe hasn’t stayed at that encino home in a long time… these kids are surely safe from his newly retarded dreams…

  7. Zekers

    I read an interview done a few years ago with Debbie Rowe in which she stated that she didn’t want the kids and she has no desire to be a mother…if that is the case then it seems that children would be better off with their grandmother.

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