Katherine Heigl To Stay On ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

June 18th, 2009 // 9 Comments

You didn’t think they’d kill off both George and Izzie did you? Just after word leaked about T.R. Knight not returning to Grey’s Anatomy this fall, comes word that Katherine Heigl will be coming back to the show.

Sources have said that Heigl’s option on the medical drama has been picked up, meaning she will continue on the show. ABC would not confirm any casting for its flagship drama series.

I’m gonna miss George. Not sure how I feel about having Izzie back? Are you happy to have Izzie back? Sound off in the comments.

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By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Dett

    I have to say that I’m glad that at least one of them is coming back… and – please don’t rip me into tiny little pieces – I always liked Izzie! George really had no real storyline since the George-Izzie-debacle.

  2. Liam

    Great news – Katherine Heigl is an amazing actress. If she had of left it would have killed Grey’s Anatomy.

  3. indiguy

    Such a shame that the incessant whiner is back for one more season of the most rapidly deteriorating show ever.

    This ought to put the final nail in this show’s coffin.

    KH…stick to rom-coms and keep your mouth closed in public and you’ll do just fine.

  4. jacky0511

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  5. Tracy

    Hell no I’m not happy she thinks she some big star now that she has done a couple of motion pictures(that sucked big time). I love GA, and she really does not make the show. She must remember the show made her(big headed). Tell her to go smoke…


  6. Court

    Im glad she is coming back, I like her character. I could see George going the whole last season considering he was barely in it.. I knew it was in the works.. Im going to miss him though!

  7. someguy

    makes no difference. the show is not deteriorating so much as it has already deteriorated to the point of being flat out hands down awful. the writing is terrible, the dialog is terrible (the dialog is probably the worst part of the show overall), and the characters are so irritating it’s a wonder anyone can put up with watching it. i used to watch, but no more…

  8. Sally

    I guess I will continue not watching it…..

  9. Kate

    You know, I really like Katherine Heigl, all of you who say “shes big headed” and yada yada, are just jealous of the fact that she can be big headed.. She’s a rising star and a wonderful DOWN TO EARTH actress.. I love her characters in her movies because they are funny and down to earth and a little dramatic.. I do not know why people like you who say… oh thats horrible and so forth and dont like her, why comment? what difference will it make to you if you dont like her? Why waste your time? I love the Iz character a lot more than Meredith or the others as she is the only one who is UPBEAT the rest are depressing and gloomy… Just because you think that the tv show is going “down hill” doesnt mean that it is! To some people out in the world LIKE the show!!! Get a life…

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