Katherine Heigl Talks Motherhood And Making Decisions

Katherine Heigl opened up to Bazaar about how she is trying to balance motherhood with her developing career, choosing to leave Grey’s Anatomy while continuing to take on big screen roles.

Heigl left the show after disputes over the diminishing quality of the show in addition to feeling conflicted over not spe
nding enough time with her daughter Naleigh. And as she explains to Bazaar, filming is bringing up the same kinds of concerns, like in her newest movie Life As We Know It.

“It was crazy, because as my character was learning how to take care of
a one-year-old, I was too,” she said. “But as I was working with these gorgeous
little triplets who play my child, I was feeling bad that I was
spending more time with them than with my own kid. And that broke my

Well, if Heigl keeps up the antics, she may not have to make that decision on her own. She addressed her diva image in the interview as well.

“I spent so many years just saying what I felt without thinking about
the ramifications, without understanding that I have this opinion but
not everyone might share that opinion and now they don’t like me
because of it,” Heigl said. “That was really awkward. I hate it when people say this,
but I’m a people pleaser.”

I think Shonda Rimes would disagree…