Katherine Heigl Really Didn’t Expect to Win an Emmy

Katherine Heigl sure looks happy these days. It’s because she was the last person (except her mom, perhaps) to think that she would actually win an Emmy for her role on “Grey’s Anatomy.” When Heigl was on stage, accepting her award, she said as much. And, she reiterated that sentiment in her recent phone interview on the Ellen DeGeneres Show on Tuesday. This is what Katherine’s mother told her before awards night:

“This year, you know, with The Sopranos women being nominated and it being their last year of the show, I really think they’re going to win – so I don’t want you to be disappointed if you don’t.”

Now, that’s a totally reasonable statement for her mother to have made–preparing her daughter in case of possible disappointment. Still, if I were Katherine, I would have jumped on that stage and been all, “In your FACE, Mom! Looks like I did win! You’re a horrible mother! I can’t believe I brought you as my date!” However, please keep in mind that I’m a horrible, horrible daughter.


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