Katherine Heigl Quote Of The Day

June 12th, 2006 // 15 Comments

The guy I’m dating now is just so fantastic in bed that half the time I just want to leave the handcuffs on and say: ‘I’ve got to run a few errands, but don’t you move. I’ll be back!’”


By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. amyfisher

    why would anyone care?

  2. mrkrabs

    yawn..trying to get some attention are we? first the i wanna make a sex tape..and now this..her 15 minutes must be very close to being up

  3. ravenswing

    holy shit, jealous much????

  4. Hollywood Insider

    She’s always said the nicest things about me, but really, I’m blushing all over. And she’s a hellcat in the sack herself. Can’t wait to get home to my big-boned gal.

    That’s definitely all for now from the Hollywood Insider.

  5. circuslion

    Sign me up… TWICE.

  6. las

    Please, not another Longoria, telling us way too much about her sex life in an effort to seem like a sexpot.

  7. jbonz

    “Run a few errands”? That’s the line I use when I want to escape the bedroom of a lousy lover, too.

  8. jinx

    you f@#king whore havent u here the saying, “what goes on in the bedroom, stays in the bedroom

  9. bflogurl

    Hollywood Insider, PLEASE tell me you did not refer to this woman as a big boned gal! Christ.

  10. tia

    I love Katherine Heigel lol. She really is a innocent girl. She was raised in a mormon household and didnt lose her virginity til she was like 22. So she is like a child in a toy store. Everything is new to her and she cant help but talk about it because she is so excited. I love her. :) Go Katherine !

  11. spark

    and who is she dating???

  12. jen

    according to wikipedia, she’s dating “singer” Josh Kelley.

  13. Julia

    I just love her. Judge her if you must, but she is gorgeous and talented and just so cute. I don’t get why she doesn’t get more attention than she does, I’ve always thought she has had the look of such old glamour hollywood.

  14. 3buckchuck

    Tia, where did you read that she grew up in a mormon home? I looked it up on imdb.com, and there’s much info on her, but no one mention of being brought up mormon.

  15. tia

    It was in a interview she did. Not sure which magazine it was though.

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