Katherine Heigl Can’t Watch ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

May 21st, 2010 // 3 Comments

On the David Letterman Show last night (watch the clip from the show after the jump), Katherine Heigl admitted her leaving Grey’s Anatomy was bittersweet and she can no longer watch the show.

“I can’t do it,” she said. “I can’t. I stopped watching back in November when I
went on family leave because I felt like I was missing the party.”

Except it sounds like it was no party to work with her!

She continued, “And I would call and be like, ‘Why is your character doing that?’” Yeah, exactly.

Ever outspoken, Heigl also ranted a little about the Entertainment Weekly cover that ran after she suddenly left the series that reads, “I’m Sorry,” with her posing mockingly like an angel. The star says she was goofing off for a half second and now says “it looks like I’m like apologizing for the universe.”

By Lola Robertson

  1. Caroline

    I actually feel very sorry for you. That you can have so much hate to write stuff in a way that just completely misrepresents her interview and for the complete lies that you post. Did you post the articles where her co-stars Patrick Dempsey, Justin Chambers, Ellen Pompeo et al..said how much they missed her and that she was great to work with? No of course not. She didn’t rant about ANYTHING on Letterman. Anyone who watches the interview can see that.

  2. Casey

    No party to work with her? Not according to JUSTIN CHAMBERS to ET Tonight:

    “Katherine is very much loved,” Justin tells ET behind the scenes. “She’s a huge part of the show’s success.”

    Before he was called back to the set for doctor duty, he added: “She’s always in our hearts and Izzy will always be a huge benefactor to the show.”

    And here to E! Online:

    Chambers: “I miss her immensely, she is so much fun to work with.”

    Or PATRICK DEMPSEY to E! Online:

    Dempsey: “Yeah, I think it’s very sad. We had a great time working with her. We always had a great time, she’s extremely professional, always prepared, and it’s a real loss to the show I think. She had a great character, a great energy, and [is] an absolutely beautiful and talented actress, and it’s a shame she’s moving on.”

    Or TOM SELLECK to TV Guide:

    Interviewer: “So, as far as you’re concerned, reports of Heigl being a diva and having a bad attitude aren’t fair?”

    Selleck: “Who? What? I find her charming and incredibly good. What we say in the business is she’s got chops. She’s really a good actress. Everybody gets his or her turn in the box with the press–I would take it with a grain of salt. I had nothing but fun with her. She was nothing but professional.”

    And these are only the most recent examples of co-stars singing her praises. There are plenty of others.

  3. t-man

    casey and caroline. valid points, but you do leave out the main fact in this entire argument, katherine heigl is one crazy bitch.

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