Katherine Heigl Can’t Watch ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

On the David Letterman Show last night (watch the clip from the show after the jump), Katherine Heigl admitted her leaving Grey’s Anatomy was bittersweet and she can no longer watch the show.

“I can’t do it,” she said. “I can’t. I stopped watching back in November when I
went on family leave because I felt like I was missing the party.”

Except it sounds like it was no party to work with her!

She continued, “And I would call and be like, ‘Why is your character doing that?'” Yeah, exactly.

Ever outspoken, Heigl also ranted a little about the Entertainment Weekly cover that ran after she suddenly left the series that reads, “I’m Sorry,” with her posing mockingly like an angel. The star says she was goofing off for a half second and now says “it looks like I’m like apologizing for the universe.”