Katherine Heigl Is Apparently Not A Joy To Work With, Trying To Rebuild Career With New TV Show

Katherine Heigl
The former 'Grey's Anatomy' star gives a smile.
So, there’s always been something about Katherine Heigl that has rubbed me the wrong way. Sure, I really loved Wish Upon A Star back in the day, but even then I was unsure how I felt about her.

Clearly I’m not alone as a piece in The Hollywood Reporter recently talked all about how difficult the former Grey’s Anatomy star is to work with.

Katherine attempted the whole big screen jump recently, but after her last few movies tanked, the actress is headed back to the small screen. 

As THR pointed out, many celebs head to TV after their film careers dry up, but usually those people are over 50. One executive told the magazine, “She was poised. I still see her sometimes when I flip around the channels, and she has it. She’s got real big movie-star charisma.” Well that may be, but apparently people aren’t too keen to work with Katherine and her momager Nancyanymore.

One source from her movie Life As We Know It told the magazine there were “desperately difficult situations” with Katherine. “She can cost you time every single day of shooting. Wardrobe issues, not getting out of the trailer, questioning the script every single day. Even getting her deal closed at Warners was hard. She hit that point of ‘no.’ “

Honestly, none of this surprises me. After all that she said about Knocked Up and Grey’s Anatomy, I was surprised she was still working. Sure she’d talented, but at some point if you’re not even brining in big office numbers, no one is going to want you.

Still, Katherine has her loyal following and even those in Hollywood who love her. Maybe one day I’ll get it. Head to The Hollywood Reporter to read the full article. Where do you stand on the Katherine Heigl debate? Let us know in the comments!