Katherine Heigl Enjoys An Outing With Husband & Daughter

Former television actress Katherine Heigl was spotted in LA having a lunch date with husband Josh Kelley and super cute daughter Naleigh. The trio enjoyed lunch at Little Don’s before taking a nice post lunch stroll around the town. Naleigh looked absolutely adorable and like such a little lady sitting at lunch. I think MailOnline said it best, there is something “cherubic” about her.

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Katherine and Josh adopted little South Korea born Naleigh back in 2009 and the three have been incredibly happy since. I can’t wait until Naleigh is old enough to tell her mother what is appropriate to wear in public and what isn’t–like fringed skirts aren’t. Both Katherine and Naleigh were well dressed today. Katherine in a black shirt, white capris and sneakers, while Naleigh went a little more fancy with a cute little dress and jelly shoes.

Despite having not been on the big screen or the small screen for a while, Ms. Heigl is still one of Hollywood’s top paid actresses. I’m not really sure why though. She’s got that whole bitch face going on and really isn’t even that great of an actress. She will, however, be in theaters again pretty soon. She’s currently shooting the film The Wedding with a fantastic cast that includes Robert De Niro, Diane Keaton and Robin Williams.

What do you guys think of the little family? Agree with me about the bitch face? Just a little bit obsessed with how cute Naleigh looks sitting at lunch? Leave us your thoughts in the comments!