Katharine McPhee ‘Is SO Embarrassed She Was Caught’ With A Married Man

October 25th, 2013 // 1 Comment
Katharine McPhee

I’ve been sort of surprised by the week-long scandal involving Mary McCormack, her husband Michael Morris and Michael’s affair with (also married, but probably separated) Katharine McPhee. The photos of Katharine and Michael’s public makeout session were released several days ago, and according to yesterday’s Page Six, Michael got a heads up about TMZ’s purchase of the photos last weekend. Michael tried to buy the pics (so they would never be published), but TMZ went ahead and published them anyway.

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By Socialite Life

  1. About Katharine McPhee. Well I’m a fan of hers, used to be a big fan in the past. Anyways got a story of my own since she’s been in the news lately about cheating.

    Regarding what happened between us well that’s a long long story. I’ve been a fan of hers since American Idol in 2006. I’ve seen her in concert a couple times and I have also met her in the past too and she knows all about me of course.

    You see in 2006 she found out about me from reading my post on one of the fan forums I joked about wanting to meet her and asking her out and such. Im the same age as her but being young back then you know I was joking. Anyways she saw my post and was not thrilled about it but didn’t make much of it.

    Anyways in August of 2007 I saw her again at Six Flags St. Louis and met her too and she of course knew who I was when I met her. She was a little shy and timid around me but she acted cool still and I was quite happy since I was a big fan of hers. I thought she was really nice. Anyways after that things got worse. The fans HATE me. She used myspace at the time and they would constantly email her about me and tell her all sorts of BS and that about me trying to get her to hate me and that. Same with Kats mom. Kats mom interacts with fans and they would email her about me too. I know because of this in 2006 American Idol would not give out any meet greet passes for St. Louis. One of the radio stations told me when they asked for them for contests they were told none were allowed for St. Louis. I then heard thru the grapevine because people emailed kats mom and that.

    Anyways I messaged Kat on myspace quite a bit trying to talk to her and tell her that I’m not a bad person because the fans would tell her lots of stuff about me from the forums and make up stuff. Like at concerts some of her super fans “all females” also would talk about me too and talks to kats husband about me via email too. I tried talking to Kat, her mom and Nick but it would fall on death ears.

    This is when things went downhill in a hurry. On election day 2008 I got a phonecall. Yea Kat had my phone number because I supplied it to Katharine if she wanted to speak to me. The phonecall was from the Los Angeles District Attorneys office. The guy a spoke with the investigator said how Kat wanted to press charges on me and file for a restraining order. Yep. I only met her ONCE and talked to her via myspace and based on all the things fans would tell her about me she went to the police.

    Now we don’t know is if it was her people that went to them. See at that time her mngt company had a security company the also worked for them that handled her affairs and kat and her husband told them about me because I emailed Nick and explained the situation to him and right after that this security company emailed me as well as a family friend of kats who btw berated and cussed at me. Below at the end of this email is a tweet kat sent me and a direct link to it.

    All this was embarrassing. Also a couple years ago Katharine publicly lashed out at me on twitter because I told someone that I wouldn’t donate to kats charity because of my incident. Kat sent me a tweet and lashed out saying she was going to “get me in trouble” That really hurt.

    Also it hurt my image possibly as well as my full name was used before and shows up on fan websites and google now if one searchs for it and because of what the fans said about me makes me look like a total moron and could be damaging when trying to apply for jobs. The tweet was a few years ago but I have the text of it saved and that too is posted below. She nearly ruined my life as I would been infamous and would never been able to find a job then.


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