Kate Won’t Have to Find a New Day Job

Have no fear Kate Moss is still the face of Rimmel cosmetics. A British tabloid aired the rumor that the company, brought to you by Coty Inc., was in a heated search to find a new model to refresh the campaign and attract a younger consumer. While Kate is only 33 years old in the modeling world that is equivalent to being over the hill and in need of a cane.

Issuing a statement on behalf of Coty Beauty the Senior Vice President, Stephen Mormoris, assured everyone that Kate Moss is still fantastic and apart of the Rimmel team.

“Kate Moss delivers a distinctive type of beauty that is both inspirational and attainable to Rimmel users. She is a terrific model for the mainstream cosmetic line and she will continue to represent the brand.”

WWD does mention it is true the brand is looking to attract the attention of a more youthful audience. However Kate will keep her job as the company will be producing a sister line called “Rimmel Underground” this February.

It’s amazing how far she has come since her coke debacle. If you or I tried to publicly snort some blow we would be arrested and the only runway we would see is a makeshift catwalk in which large lesbian women would cut you if you didn’t twirl correctly or forgot the hip pop at the end.

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