Kate Won’t Have to Find a New Day Job

January 30th, 2007 // 8 Comments

Have no fear Kate Moss is still the face of Rimmel cosmetics. A British tabloid aired the rumor that the company, brought to you by Coty Inc., was in a heated search to find a new model to refresh the campaign and attract a younger consumer. While Kate is only 33 years old in the modeling world that is equivalent to being over the hill and in need of a cane.

Issuing a statement on behalf of Coty Beauty the Senior Vice President, Stephen Mormoris, assured everyone that Kate Moss is still fantastic and apart of the Rimmel team.

“Kate Moss delivers a distinctive type of beauty that is both inspirational and attainable to Rimmel users. She is a terrific model for the mainstream cosmetic line and she will continue to represent the brand.”

WWD does mention it is true the brand is looking to attract the attention of a more youthful audience. However Kate will keep her job as the company will be producing a sister line called “Rimmel Underground” this February.

It’s amazing how far she has come since her coke debacle. If you or I tried to publicly snort some blow we would be arrested and the only runway we would see is a makeshift catwalk in which large lesbian women would cut you if you didn’t twirl correctly or forgot the hip pop at the end.

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By Cara Harrington

  1. Jinxy McDeath

    “Kate Moss delivers a distinctive type of beauty that is both inspirational and attainable ”

    In other words, she looks like shit just like everyone else when she’s not done up. It’s okay, but without fabulous photography and professional makeup and hair people, she’s just like anyone else, well slightly better than average english teef.

  2. Kate

    She takes class A drugs – what beautiful about that?

  3. If her beauty was so attainable she would not last so long. Why is it whenever someone is better we have to “rationalize” it. Ye hes rich but he did not work for it. Secondly how many people never took any form of drug even alcohol is a drug. The fact is their is a difference between recreational use and abuse that is not why she looks that way she has a normal child and she was skinnier then. Do we call Keith Urban an alcoholic. If someone has a vido of you slurrinig your speech would you expect the world to believe you are an alcoholic u could of just had one drink. That is not the safest drug but people are not relly safe are their everyone dares at something. ( don’t school me on drugs i know the effect of most including pharmaceutical kind down to the effects and which nero transmitters are released) Her drug consuption regardless of amounts have nothing to do with her attraction put a picture of her and if you can find though rare a lesbian or a guy they will tell you that is an attractive woman the cheekbones the baby rabbit teeth the curves ( have you seen the white stripes video) She is an icon like Marilyn MOnroe ( who was not as big as people say sizes inflate she was probably a size 5-6 in todays standards)

  4. tiny waste

    Where is Peta UK when we need them? Get going!

  5. Is it Undergroud is you brand it Undergroud?

  6. umus

    Kate Moss is an “inspirational”, “terrific” cocaine addict to whom? I suspect a foul play in the top hierarchy of the company. Somebody is messing around.

    Investigators! please can you dig into the compay to see why, inspite of all these bad publicity, Rimmel managment still wants to keep Kate?

  7. umus

    A commentator insinuated that people are probably jealous of Kate b’cos she is rich, have curves, beautiful cheekbones and baby-rabbit teeth and all what not.

    I think, the commentator is missing the point. The issue is Cocaine abuse. Do you need cocaine to be who you want to be? NO.

    To make it in life, is hard work, there is no short cut to it. Kate is taking a short cut and a dangerous one at that. If you need cocaine to “recreate” your image, then it shows that you are empty, only just trying to “hang on”.

    You are expected to do your job as naturally as possbile and should be ready to leave the stage when you are done.

    But when you want to stay put, it will lead you to be “cocaine dependent” like Kate. At the end, she will destroy herself and like “Humpty, Dumpty”, no one can put her together again.

  8. Matthew Kim

    Oh that fur coat is hott!!!!

    (PETA – People Eating Tasty Animals)

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