Kate Winslet Doesn’t Want Rachel Weisz To Be A Bond Girl

It seems all the jealousies are rising to the surface as Kate Winslet and Sam Mendesmarriage falls apart. Next on Kate’s shit-list is Rachel Weisz, whom Mendes dated before marrying Winslet. Now reported to be helming the new James Bond movie, Mendes wants to cast Weisz and Kate is less than thrilled.

Apparently, Kate had always barred Mendes from working with the cerebral British beauty (I think I’m seeing a pattern) and as soon as their marriage dissolved, Mendes was on the phone with Weisz, coordinating work schedules and now Kate (pictured today with son Joe in NYC) is furious.

 “Rachel has always been persona non grata in the Winslet-Mendes
household,” a source said. “Kate went ballistic when she heard that Sam wanted to
hire her.”

Meanwhile, Rachel has publicly stated she’d love to work on the film. Kate, I don’t blame you: nothing burns like seeing the ex direct an old frame as a bikini-clad Bond Girl. Not that any of us know what that’s like, but hey.