Kate Winslet Does “The Holiday” Switcheroo for Real

British actress, Kate Winslet, has decided to move her family, which includes her children and husband, Sam Mendes, to the United States to avoid the daily hounding by the British paparazzi. Starpulse News Blog reports:

Winslet explains, “You’d see them (photographers) hiding in the trees and try desperately to ignore them because you don’t want your child affected by it.

“It’s weird and freaky. You just don’t want someone you don’t know taking a photograph of your small child. It’s sick.

“It’s better in New York. New Yorkers are much more respectful, not just the press but the people.”

What? No love for L.A., Kate? I’m just joshing with you–we’re horrible and we know it. But have you heard? Our weather really does rock.


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