Kate Winslet: 2009 Oscars Red Carpet

February 22nd, 2009 // 4 Comments

It has been a hell of a stylish awards season for one Kate Winslet. And I’ve been loving pretty much everything she’s worn on the various red carpets she’s traveled this year. This multi-toned midnight blue gown from Yves Saint Laurent by Stefano Pilati.

It’s definitely a complicated-looking gown and I’m usually opposed to having too much going on, I’m loving it. Probably because I just love Kate so much and she wears it with confidence.

Gallery Info: Kate Winslet on the red carpet for the 2009 Academy Awards.

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By Lisa Timmons

  1. Lola

    Kate looks stunning! Her hair reminds me of Grace Kelly.

  2. JessicaGiovanna

    she’s a hot bitch and talented

  3. kaligula

    she’s gorgeous but i’m a little disappointed with the dress. also, i think i’m coming upon over-saturation with kate winslet syndrome. i hope she does something really out of the box as her next project, or else i think she’s going to fix her image as a goody goody who always hits the perfect notes but is boring at the end of the day because we all know she can do no wrong….

  4. Nrzltnug

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