Kate Walsh & Alex Young: It’s Getting Messy

The short-lived marriage between Private Practice star Kate Walsh and FOX executive Alex Young. After just 14 months of marriage, the two split so it’s surprising that the divorce is dragging out this way.

The finger-pointing has begun with Young claiming that the accounting firm employed by both him and his ex-wife isn’t giving an accurate estimate of the couple’s joint assets.

TMZ asks, “So why is Young making such a big stink over assets that are pretty clean? It’s a little perplexing.” Both Walsh and Kate earn in the millions so this squabbling over finances is a bit confusing. Unless he’s pissed about the rumored romantic relationship between Kate and her co-star David Sutcliffe.

At this rate, the former couple’s divorce is going to last longer than the marriage itself.

Gallery Info: Kate Walsh and her ex Alex Young; Kate visits a medical building in Beverly Hills.