Kate Moss Will Not Pen Tell All After All

June 20th, 2006 // 5 Comments

It seems that Kate Moss has gotten a case of cold feet. Kate was planning on writing a tell all book about her life and the infamous drug scandal, but has now cancelled plans to do so. Could it have something to do with the fact that no charges will be brought against her? She probably figures why reveal something that she actually hasn’t ever admitting doing.

Public relations expert Mark Borkowsik says, “The book deal was a wise move at the time, but its’s a wiser move now to pull out as she has got her career back on track. She is perceived to have cleaned up her act. “So she can save the memoirs for a rainy day when she needs to re-invent herself.”

Kate Moss Cancels Book Deal [contactmusic]


By Miu von Furstenberg
  1. Emma in London

    An absolute traversty that she got away with it! She’s a fucking hoover

  2. d. c.

    What’s to tell.. she’s been too public to speak with any mystery, and I think there are huge gaps of memory loss.

  3. Kelly


  4. Joan Jett

    She looks great! Newsflash dummies! Every celebrity is on drugs.

  5. Conroy

    my views are if youv’e got the face that fits you can pretty much get away with anything, great role model for kids, Not. but with addiction if she is back drinking then she is most definately snorting, she seems to be in alot of denial, I’m a recovering addict myself nearly a year clean, you are well advised in early recovery not to take anything mind altering including drink so honny drinking should be way off the menu, you do not recover from drug addiction in 30 days,unless your super human, and she certainly isnt that and whatever she is hiding she will only be hurting herself, her daughter will suffer in the long run.

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