Kate Moss: Supermodel In Crisis

October 3rd, 2005 // 6 Comments

We knew it would only be a matter of time before the Kate Moss cocaine snorting video surfaced. Well, here it is (with annoying Italian commentary).

Well things just seem to be getting worse and worse for the rehabbing supermodel. It’s looking as if she may be charged for her cocaine use, the studio where she snorted cocaine was raided, and Pete Doherty was just arrested after a drugs raid on a venue where his band was playing.

Government prosecutors are advising police in their investigation of British supermodel Kate Moss’ cocaine use, the Crown Prosecution Service said Friday.

Scotland Yard sent case papers to prosecutors, asking for advice on whether there was enough evidence or sufficient public interest to charge Moss, said Russell Hayes, a spokesman with the Crown Prosecution Service. He said it was routine for police to ask for advice in such a case.

If arrested, will Kate win points with prosecutors for going to rehab on her own volition?

The recording studio where Kate Moss was captured on camera snorting cocaine has been raided by Scotland Yard’s serious crime squad. They had a warrant to search for Class A drugs and spent more than four hours working their way through the building in London. They left with several bags, but refused to reveal whether they had seized any drugs.

The raid was the first move in Scotland Yard’s promised investigation after the Mirror exposed the supermodel’s drug-taking. A senior source with the Yard’s serious crimes directorate said: “We are determined to fully and vigorously investigate these allegations.

“The search of the recording studio is just the first move in this. “We want to discover who the supplier of the drugs was and why Kate Moss had them in her possession. We will be interviewing her as soon as possible.

“If she admits using the drugs she may face a police caution.”We will also want to interview all the others who were present at the time the alleged offences took place.”

What was in those bags? That’s the million dollar question. More on the Pete Doherty raid after the jump.

Officers with sniffer dogs raided Shrewsbury Music Hall in central England, where Doherty’s group, Babyshambles, were playing on Saturday night to target “the suspected illegal use of class A drugs.” They also searched the band’s tour coaches.

A West Mercia police spokesman said they had arrested a man and a woman, who was later freed without charge, for suspected possession of a class A drug — a category which includes cocaine and heroin.

Police would not identify the arrested man but Doherty, a confessed drug addict, had been held according to his spokesman.
“I know he was held by police last night. He was taken from the venue,” the spokesman told Reuters. “I don’t know if he’s been charged.”

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By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. joana

    live her…
    is bad enough …
    she´s very pretty and a good model.. the best.. in my opinion

  2. Girly Girl


    You are a retard. The woman is a junkie and people like you are so fucking stupid you buy into her PR machine… ‘Kate is smart’ ‘Kate is pretty’…. oh for the love of God. Kate is a piece of shit. She traded her way into a Nelson Mandela speech using a bag of cocaine. They took her kid from her. Apparently, she had a 3 way with Sadie-Crazy-Lady and Jude-Tiny-Penis.

    In the immortal words of the beloved Violent Femmes- add it up, sweeteheart. She’s a drug whore.

    Smart? Doing rails in a public bathroom? Hmmmm. Genius. Pretty? Sure if you dig the Aushwitz emmaciated look. Give me a fuckin break…

    I say we put her in a room with the Olson freaks and Nichole Ritchie and see who evaporates first…

  3. whatever

    Who cares if she snoting a few lines….WTF do you think everyother model in the world does..that only thing that makes this different is it is on tape for everyone to see…so stoping gasping…”oh Kate Moss” Who cares…she is just another model..when no real talent but her looks that help her get paid millions. Take away the looks she is just another coke whore…

  4. Cynthia

    HAhaha! Girly Girl I am with you! Anyone who is dumb enough to mess with that deadly crap is definitely not smart and gets what they deserve. And she has a young child! Some mom she must be! We already know she isn’t bright, or she would not be messing around with that Doherty druggie weirdo.
    I think Nicole Richie would be the first to evaporate….

  5. Steve

    Ha! The video’s offline already because of a cease and desist from the lawyers. ROTFLMAO! Sure Kate, you can get a video totally removed from the internet. No problem.
    Watching damage control is funny as hell!

  6. what is it with you fucking people, anyway?

    This video serves a public service by illustrating how empty and meaningless the life of a vapid coat hanger is. It should be required viewing.

    The link at Defamer is up and running.

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