Kate Moss Shuns Pete Doherty

Kate Moss will not let Pete Doherty visit her while she’s in rehab. Could this be the end of Mosserty (sad attempt at a nickname for the couple – it was that or Pate) as we know it? It’s extremely sad that she won’t let this lovable cutie pie back into her life.

Today, it’s been announced that Moss has “barred” Doherty from seeing her in rehab. Sure, she’s got a right to deny visitors as she pleases, but if she shuts out Doherty this early in the game, what’ll happen next? The pair will finally end their romance, Doherty will eventually stick a needle in his eye, the saga will end, cubicle bees everywhere will die of boredom, and the economy will tank once and for all.

Kate Moss Pushes Away Doherty and, in Turn, You [Gawker]

(Images via limelight.org)