Kate Moss Shuns Pete Doherty

October 18th, 2005 // 35 Comments

Kate Moss will not let Pete Doherty visit her while she’s in rehab. Could this be the end of Mosserty (sad attempt at a nickname for the couple – it was that or Pate) as we know it? It’s extremely sad that she won’t let this lovable cutie pie back into her life.

Today, it’s been announced that Moss has “barred” Doherty from seeing her in rehab. Sure, she’s got a right to deny visitors as she pleases, but if she shuts out Doherty this early in the game, what’ll happen next? The pair will finally end their romance, Doherty will eventually stick a needle in his eye, the saga will end, cubicle bees everywhere will die of boredom, and the economy will tank once and for all.

Kate Moss Pushes Away Doherty and, in Turn, You [Gawker]

(Images via limelight.org)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Mariana

    Holy shit his nostrils are red in that first pic! He is just so gross!!!!!!!

  2. happy hour

    Red….I think he’s bleeding!

  3. Tajue

    Is he at a bathhouse? Is that semen on his jacket?

  4. K.Marie

    He has worked his nostrils to a bloody pulp.

  5. ThrillKill


    That might explain the head in his lap. The question is, who’s semen is it?

  6. Silasdog

    Yeah baby, those nostrils are about to hemorage any minute. This dude is coked, stoked, and soaked.

  7. e

    It would be no great loss if his ugly mug disappeared forever. He’s just ick. I’m glad she’s finally come to her senses–regarding him, anyway.

  8. WOAH! What a mess.

  9. alex

    Good god, ease up on the coke. Maybe the wrong half of this couple is in rehab.

  10. Johnny Chicago

    So, I’m a guy, and I guess I need to ask my fellow Socializers…

    Is this dumb rail-blowing Mick fuckable?

    Please tell me?

  11. KB DC

    How about Pete Moss for a cute couple name?

    WTF Can she possibly find the tiniest bit attractive about this waste of flesh and oxygen?

    EW Yuck!

  12. Tajue

    Johnny C. ~ I want to answer your question with a resounding, “HELL TO THE NO”. But that skank Kate Moss will make a liar of me.

  13. Lin

    Johhny C. I would say no…but Kate Moss was cracked out, and coke will make people do pretty strange things.

  14. ThrillKill

    KB DC-

    Fuckin’ excellent! Pete Moss is a perfect name!

  15. Tajue

    I’m sorry, KB DC ~ I didn’t catch the moniker ‘Pete Moss’ ~ That is fucking hysterical.

  16. Petes a nasty bum

    What a fucking bum, looking at him makes me want to hurl *puke*

  17. tempy

    Cocaine is a helluva drug.

    Those nostrils have had it. It must be a party with open bowls of blow because dude standing in the back looks jacked up too.

    Kate Moss was definately wearing some coke goggles.

  18. erica

    Ewww, like seriously, ewww!

  19. Andy W

    Johnny C – I don’t know what the gals think but I bet he’d be one hot fucking good time. I’d love to have a go at that bronco…

  20. shy-twon

    EWWWWW!!! He’s disgusting. I hope she gets this scabby ass nose bleeder out of her life. He couldnt last 2 minutes! What a looser!!

  21. Krystyn

    dudes, he’s the grossest thing I’ve ever seen. I’d sooner have sex with that crazy looking bum who hangs out with Mischa Barton.


  22. He looks worse then a homeless person. He is N.A.S.T.Y.

    Maybe he’ll die and she/us won’t have to worry about this anymore. Seriously, if he’s not going to turn his life around, who cares about him.

  23. looloo

    Pete Moss…LMAO!!!

  24. doofus

    well, I’m with all of you guys…all except Andy W.

    Pete Doherty is the most nasty looking thing I’ve ever laid eyes on. it’s not like he’s good looking and looks bad because of the drugs. he is UGLY, and the drugs only enhance that.

    what kate moss ever saw in him is beyond me. if he had even ONE redeeming quality, I could see it, but he doesn’t seem to have even that.

    ugly, rude, dirty, rage-filled and drug addicted with no plan to overcome it. in other words, garbage. and she’s be wise to put him in the bin.

  25. Gossip Guru

    He is pretty fucking gross. He is a HEROIN addict who smokes CRACK. So the red nostril is probally from him chasing the dragon. And I dont know why alot of these beautiful women go out with the trolls. Even if he was supper inteligent with a donkey dick,which I doubt, I would not want to take a peek at his penis.

  26. Anna

    PeteMoss! LOVE it!

  27. mimi

    he looks like a giant baby!!!!! Or shouls I say a giant , coke sniffing, alcoholic baby

  28. Matt

    Peter doherty is a great man who is highly intelligent in some ways, but is also dumb and takes his drug addiction to the limit. The words he sings in his song are very meaningful to his fans.

    There is a reason why Kate is in love with him. Peter is a poet, a rockstar, a father, and is very, very gentle in nature. If you ever met him, you may fall for him too. I only hope one day he finds what he is searching for without the aid of drugs.

  29. Cynthia

    Sorry, but I do not consider anyone dumb enough to mess with heroin, cocaine, crack, or whatever to be ‘highly intelligent’

  30. Jesper

    I agree with Matt. He is gifted when it comes to writing songs and poems. Shame he’s terrible at gigs when he is really out of it. Saw him once on TV when he was sober and did a acoustic version of f##k forever which was awesome.

    I’m a guy and I’m not gay, but when I heard him sing that song well I fell for him too. LOL

  31. Silasdog

    Gossip Guru, you got me laughing so hard I’m crying. So this is the guy that’s been slamming Kate Moss huh? Uh, can he get it up? I mean, who wants to get naked with this subterranean sleeze bag. Obviously it doesn’t take much to get Kate’s sleeping bag rockin’. And with a junkie gnome to boot!

  32. Tajue

    Gossip Guru ~ Are you hesitant to look at Pete’s Donkey Penis because the hole is red and inflamed just like his nostril? ‘CAUSE SISTAH! I AM WIT YA!



  34. chio

    the problem is his drug adiction.. coz this shit its killin’ him man…
    that’s why he looks so nasty…
    he’s reeeaally sexy
    and his creations, his music are just amazing !

    FUCKIN DRUGS!!!! ¬¬

  35. Pete 4eva!

    OMG!… why are you all complaining so Fucking much on Pete!? And to answer a question that hasn’t been answered: Yes he is inteligent… just not on the drug part. How can you otherwise explain that he was an A- student and he got accepted at Oxford!?

    Pete is very talentful and the best Fucking Poet ever!… I mean havn’t you heard his songs!? I LOVE HIM! And his music! And for crying out loud, He is HOT! Just not in that picture! Do a Google search and I swear that you will find pictures on him where he looks good!…

    A little Something that Pete wrote when he was 16:
    I Knew She Wasn’t English
    For She Spoke It Far Too Well
    The Grammar Was Goodly, The Verbs Where They Should Be, And The Slang Was Bang On The Bell.
    But As The Language Barrier Banged And Clanged
    I Could Not Hear, Hear Nor See
    London, England, And Bow
    Crumble Into The See.

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