Kate Moss Should Just Turn Lesbian

January 19th, 2006 // 6 Comments

While Kate Moss‘ new man, Jamie Burke, isn’t as awful as Pete Doherty, she may wish to hook up with a single man next time.

Problem is, when they finally became an item, Jamie, 20, hadn’t finished with his girlfriend of two years, who was back home in their shared apartment in New York.

The first that 24-year-old model Jessie Leonard heard about her boyfriend’s holiday fling with an international supermodel was when she read about it in the newspapers. She was devastated when pictures were published of Jamie kissing Kate during a New Year skiing trip in Colorado.

Now she has fled home to her parents in Australia, where she has gone into hiding and is refusing to talk to Jamie or any of his pals.

“We thought they were going to get married, but now he’s gone off with Kate Moss – we can hardly believe it,” a member of Jessie’s family told us yesterday. “He’s just a wannabe rock star who did a couple of modelling jobs and his head got too big.

I wonder what Kate Moss thinks about Jamie trying to call Jessie. I give this relationship three months. Tops.

Kate Mess [3am]

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By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Fugly Girl

    Way to try and clean up your image there Kate. Oy vey……….for the one hundredth time, can someone please take her child away from her? She is clearly an unfit mother (and no, I don’t think she’d unfit because of this particular item).

  2. doofus

    does anybody believe for a minute that she’s actually quit the coke habit? (allegedly, her little show at Scores included “several” and “frequent” trips to the bathroom.)

    I think the rehab stint was totally a media ploy, she did it to save face and get her modeling career back after losing all of her contracts.

  3. mememe

    is that the Burger King King in the background

  4. ShoeSlut

    Kate is highly overrated and it blows my mind that she’s enjoyed so much success. She is plain, at best and an idiot to boot… Please tell me it is only a question of time before she falls off the earth alongside Paris Hilton, Victoria Beckham, Lindsay Lohan and Sienna Miller…

  5. arrogantbastard

    Yeah, Jamie is yesterday’s news because her new beau is Jack Osbourne…that’s right that one! Not to mention that Kate still exhibits the habits of one who drinks and snorts. I mean come on, she’s going downhill with Lohan.

  6. djgabster

    Does anyone else think she looks really common and what’s with the clippe dtones, we all know you’re a south east London chav!

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