Kate Moss Pulls A Sienna Miller

May 26th, 2006 // 8 Comments

Someone was not having a good day. The typically cordial Kate Moss (except for that brief stint following the ‘Cocaine Kate’ scandal) lets loose on the unsuspecting paparazzi. Maybe she’s in a bad mood because she’s having a hard time choosing between bad boys Pete Doherty and British comedian and TV presenter Russell Brand. I’d ditch ‘em both.

The best part about this whole encounter is the fact that after she finished with the incident, she strolls along smoking a cigarette as if nothing ever happened. Those photos are after the jump.


By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Steven

    You know what I say good for the paparazzi. If they are close enough for clebrities to kick and punch them then they are too close and truly intruding on celebrities personal space.

  2. Small Fry

    Can someone get this coke whore a hairbrush? I don’t get the messy hair look with her. I mean, come on…….comb your damn hair every once in a while.

  3. Sol


  4. Pauline

    I am so sick of hearing kate moss being compared to sienna miller. There are a lot more people who hit paparazzi. Kate is ten times better than Sienna miller.

  5. Jane

    LOL… you go girl

  6. BlahFuckingBlah

    Whatever. Sienna is also almost a decade younger than Kate. You wanna give her some time maybe to develop into something, careerwise? She’s already forty times classier than Kate, anyway. Kate is turning into a nasty old crone. Coke whore.

  7. jodroc

    Kate is the coolest girl in the world and she keeps it together despite what she has been through …so imagine what they were saying to her to get her to that point.

    To all you doubters…may he who has never partaken in illegal substances put forward your points of view. the rest of you…people in glass houses.

    Kate rules.

  8. Pop Ad Hater

    I HATE the pop up ads on this site!

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