Kate Moss Pissed that Her Junkie Ex Keeps Talking Shit

August 1st, 2007 // 10 Comments

Pete Moss (OMG that’s my favorite mistake to date) thought it might be a good way to win his ex, Kate Moss, back by giving an interview in which he describes her as a “nasty old rag,” and following his claims her violence against him with a declaration of his love. Shortly thereafter, Doherty claimed that his public exclamation of love for Kate was not an attempt to win her back and he now claims that he’s hooked up with a French model named Christine and that his new girlfriend has agreed to marry him. And now, Kate is apparently furious at Doherty’s insistence on publicly airing the couple’s dirty laundry, as well at his most recent claim that a drunk and sentimental Kate recently phoned him to leave a voicemail of her singing Moon River to him. A source close to Kate revealed to the Daily Mirror:

“She is furious that it all makes her look so pathetic when she is the one that has cleaned herself up and dumped him. He has been sending her notes and presents via various people but she has never opened them because she recognises the writing.

“Kate’s rage has now subsided into tears and she is slightly panicking that he is going to do something more aggressive in his pathetic attempt to get her back.”

The thought that most disturbs Kate is the possibility that Pete will decide to go ahead with a thorough tell-all, as she believes that he is receiving a considerable amount of money to go public about the details of their relationship.


More on Kate’s foul mood after the jump.

“She is going mad with anger – there no other way to describe it. He kept diaries and took pictures of them both.

“There is a lot that could potentially come out. Her aides – like her manager Sarah Dukas – have taken a sharp intake of breath, thinking the whole thing they have built up could come tumbling down.”

Ooh, Kate. I have a feeling you’re in for a world of hurt because that man is probably willing to sell his legs if he thought he could get a decent price for them. I really hope for her own sake that that Christine chick is made up.

By Lisa Timmons

  1. Dana

    She should consider herself blessed that this junkie is out of her daughter’s life.

  2. TS

    I’d like to say he’ll be dead soon, but that’s too much to wish for. Karma is a bitch but better Kate just act like nothing’s happened and/or make the first move with a tell-all.

  3. Awwww…Who is to blame for this mess? Kate Moss.

    Awwww…Who will suffer? Lila Grace.

  4. 2 Old 4 This

    Loved “Sid & Nancy”

    I’m sure “Pete & Kate” will be just as entertaining

  5. DiamondSal

    nasty old rag is a ‘constant nag.. ‘

  6. Cat

    Kate: stay strong, you can overcome that junkie for your daughter. She comes first, than him. You did yourself a huge favor by kicking him out of your family life forever. There is a better man out there for you!


  7. Kiki

    Look at her kids face–shes wearing lipstick!!! Crazy…

  8. nymphetomine

    What does she expect after dating this crackhead for so long. She’s no saint herself. Can she keep her life together enough & remember that her priority is her daughter? She hasen’t so far. It’s Lila I feel bad for.

  9. nancypants

    Unfortch, I’m sure they’ll end-up back together.

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