Kate Moss Parties Till Her Dress Falls Off

The metallic dress sported by Kate Moss was barely able to contain her supermodel body. The 35-year-old was out at the Movida nightclub in London when the side of her Balmain-designed frock split up the side after a long night of hard-partying. In addition, an awkward angle revealed more of what she has going on under that dress.

Out with boyfriend Jamie Hince to celebrate the birthday of her buddy Fran Cutler in the SoHo district, the party-loving model had a crazy night out with British comedian Noel Fielding and Welsh actor Rhys Ifans.

A witness tells the Daily Mail the three were downing bottles of Pandor absinthe. The source continued, “As you can imagine, things got quite messy. All three of them were dancing on the sofas, but Kate couldn’t resist taking things one step further and started dancing on the bar.”

It’s a shame that Kate’s dress from the future isn’t strong enough to withstand her activities. But maybe it just needs a new flux capacitor.

Gallery Info: Kate Moss and David Williams at the Movida nightclub in London.