Kate Moss On The Offense

Kate Moss can’t win for losing. The wedding tittle-tattle is swirling thanks to the new giant rock on her boney finger. Not to mention crazy Pete was seen in a lip lock with the supermodel extraordinaire last week, living in a contemporary fairytale of “Beauty and the Cocaine Beast.”

Kate is currently offending the local Muslims in the East Village District. The offensive is Moss’ topless body which graces a giant billboard across from a mosque sending the men into frenzy. If you are oblivious to the Islamic belief system, it is inappropriate to look at a naked or insufficiently dressed woman unless it is your wife.

Translation, some Muslim wives and leaders are totally pissed off.

More photos of Kate Moss from W Magazine after the jump.

Kate Moss upsets Muslims [Life Style Extra]

Written by Cara Harrington

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