Kate Moss Notably Absent From Naomi Campbell Career Celebration

Kate Mossabsence was definitely noted from fellow 90s hot model Naomi Campbell’s celebration of 25 years in fashion. The bash, held by Dolce and Gabbana during London Fashion Week (as well as in Milan today, pictured) drew in fashionistas such as Claudia Schiffer and Liz Hurley, but Moss opted for the Longchamp bash down the street.

“It was an unfortunate diary clash, but Kate could have popped into Naomi’s party and
it was noted she didn’t,” said an inside source. 

So what’s the deal with these former friends? Apparently, things have definitely taken a bad turn in Moss and Campbell’s friendship. Ever since Moss was rude to guests at a charity event Campbell put on this year, things have been mighty tense.

was a little worse for wear that night. Naomi wasn’t impressed. She
wants to dedicate herself to good causes and there’s some feeling that
Kate drags her down.”

Alright, so Kate Moss might be a bit of a sourpuss. But Naomi’s no picnic either!