Kate Moss’ Mother Loves Jamie Burke

Gee, I wonder why Kate’s mum prefers Jamie over Pete Doherty?

Kate Moss’s mum reckons Jamie Burke is a much more suitable boyfriend than junkie ex Pete Doherty. Linda Moss gave Jamie Burke the once-over in posh US ski resort Aspen over the Christmas holidays.

And 56-year-old Linda — who despised Doherty — told a pal: “Jamie is a true gent, unlike Pete.” Kate, 31, and 20-year-old former public school boy Jamie only met two weeks ago. But Linda’s pal added: “The 11-year age gap doesn’t bother her at all.”

Linda refused to see Kate while she was dating Babyshambles rocker Doherty. The family friend went on: “Linda was delighted when Kate dumped Pete. “She thought he was a totally unsuitable boyfriend for her and blamed him for her problems. “Linda met Jamie in Aspen and has given the romance her blessing. She thinks he is very sweet. “It was a bit of a family get-together really. Kate’s three-year-old daughter Lila Grace was there too.”

Kate and Oxford-educated singer songwriter Jamie went their separate ways as they left Aspen yesterday. She went to LA while Jamie returned to his base in New York. A pal of Kate said: “Time will tell if it was a holiday romance or if there’s more to it.”

If it does last, for Kate’s sake, lets hope the youngster has gotten over his partying ways. He is 20 though, so the odds aren’t good. It was probably just a holiday fuck.

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