Kate Moss May Recover

September 28th, 2005 // 8 Comments

By all accounts Kate Moss is still with that thing above. Poor Kate seems to have all the wrong people sticking up for her. The latest is Naomi Campbell who has had her past issues with the nose candy.

“Kate Moss is my friend … I think it’s like everybody is being bad to her,” the 35-year-old supermodel told a news conference Sunday in the Colombian capital where she was judging a modeling competition.

“It’s not the first time it has happened in the world … it’s really like a vendetta,” said Campbell, who has said that she nearly self-destructed from her use of cocaine.

Off the record, Naomi was overheard saying “If rehab doesn’t work, I can always beat her silly with my cellphone.”

There is some good news for Kate, it looks like she does get to keep one of her contracts.

She could begin a comeback plugging a Rimmel London makeup product, aptly named Recover. According to industry sources, a campaign for the foundation was shot shortly before a British tabloid ran pictures it claimed showed Moss using cocaine. Ironically, the new campaign is said to show Moss using the Rimmel foundation to recoup her good looks after a long night of partying.

The lesson here to be learned is that addicts wear makeup. They tend not to go for Burberry and H&M fashions.

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By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Marial

    ugly and disgusting ! kate pleaseeeeee wake up bi**h

  2. LuvChoo

    “Everyone is being bad to her.” Bad? This is the statement of a 5 year old. Go away Naomi. You’re stupid. Am not. Am too. Am not….

  3. dottcomm1

    has rimmel kept her contract? an online betting company offered her a $5 million/5 year contract if she goes to rehab and is monitored by the company.

  4. Michelle

    He sure is porky for a big drug fiend.

  5. Crystal

    I thought the same thing, Michelle. I still can’t believe that thing is her boyfriend, no matter how wacked out she is.

  6. Jason

    It still boogles my mind that Kate could jepoardize her career over something as stupid as a “relationship” with a drug addict.

    I figured she would get herself fucked up physically, not be outed by the press and then have the hypocritical fashion industry act as if snorting blow is a bad thing in their eyes.

    I suppose being young, thin, rich and the mother of a beautiful baby girl wasn’t enough for Ms. Moss. Hopefully next time she’ll learn to snort her stash in private.

  7. Gina

    Hah when I first glanced at the pic I thought it was John Mayer on stage

  8. blowtorch

    anyway the real story here…

    anyone find it amusing that miss campbell is releasing her supportive statement from the
    columbian capital?

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