Kate Moss Is In The Clear!

June 15th, 2006 // 15 Comments

Yes, Kate Moss does have a reason to be smiling. She will will not face charges over allegations she took illegal drugs at a London recording studio last year. She was questioned by police earlier this year, but the Crown Prosecution Service concluded there was insufficient evidence to prosecute the model. Apparently, video showing the model snorting cocaine wasn’t good enough.

“The film footage provides an absolutely clear indication that Ms. Moss was using controlled drugs and providing them to others,” said Rene Barclay, the CPS’s London director of serious casework.

“However, in the absence of any forensic evidence, or direct eye witness evidence about the substance in question, its precise nature could not be established.”

Congratulations Kate, we can all now pretend that this whole ordeal never happened.

No charges for Kate Moss over cocaine allegation [Reuters]


By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. aishab

    Now that that’s over, I’ll bet she just wants to sit back and inhale…I mean exhale. Lol

  2. Sally

    She deserves to be free. How many of us have done recreational drugs in a place we thought was safe.

    Nobody has the right to cast a stone on this issue.

  3. Green Eyed Angell

    Sure Sally, but how many people have been caught in “safe” places on less evidence than that!

    Plus, you have to be a real idiot to whip out a mirror a start doing lines in Penn Station!

    It must be amazing to have that much money. It must be quite freeing to not have to carry around that heavy bagage that morals are.

  4. C

    Wonder how much money it cost Kate to sweep that under the rug.

  5. Green Eyed Angell

    Is it just me or does anyone else think that she’s just not pretty at all?? How tall is she, cuz that’s gotta be the only thing she has going?

  6. urbancowgrl

    She cleans up good. Looks great in professional photos. Her cotton dress reminds me exactly of the ones I wore in the ’80′s, I think from the limited–their label was ‘hunters run’.

  7. las

    She’ll probably do a Pete Doherty any day now and be seen sitting in a department store, snorting lines out of a shoe.

    Sally, I haven’t. Please stop being annoyingly self-righteous.

  8. TruJrzyGrl

    That’s hilarious … I don’t partake in recreational drugs, as I’m a bit more responsible and focused on life than that … lol … I guess we should teach our children it’s ok to snort crap up your nose like Kate Moss because you just might get away with it … Next time, I think she should do 5 lines instead of the 1 or 2 … lol !!!! It’s one thing to do drugs when you are in highschool, but as you grow and “Mature” drugs is a sign of a person with no goals, a loser … or in Kate’s case, a rich pampered lost chick who needs a serious reality check !!

  9. TruJrzyGrl

    And to think she won a “Mother of the year” award. I hope she is around to see her kid all wired up one day … She can say, “That was me… maybe that’s where she learned it from” … I wouldn’t be surprised if she was blowing lines while Lila was napping … Nice Mom! Respectable … NOT.

  10. Thaddeus van Worthingheimer

    “How many of us have done recreational drugs in a place we thought was safe.”

    I haven’t. It’s vile and disgusting. But I’m not judging or anything.

  11. KittyLiterati

    The Chi of the Coke: Only a true coke master could fathom wearing a brown belt and shoes with black attire and get away with it.

    And I’m not trying to be mean (what the hell–I am), but Kate’s pudgy friend is bursting out of that dress. And if she went for that look on purpose, it simply won’t do.

  12. Money DOES buy happiness!

    I don’t get what’s attractive about her, asisde from being thin. Hmmmm…. I do think she has nice legs.

    Once again, MONEY bails out the rich everytime. Just like the Bush twins.

  13. trujrzygrl

    I agree with you, Thaddeus van Worthingheimer. Drugs are for losers !

  14. bluespanishsky

    i also agree, she is not attractive. she’s tall, and thin but her face is nothing special. i see prettier girls at my gym.

  15. Emma in London

    Sally you are quite plainly a cretinous fool who should just STFU!

    I’m disgusted by the British police that she was allowed to get away with this and the investigation which costs in excess of £500,000 ($800,000)

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