Kate Moss Has Boundaries…Sort Of

Pete Doherty’s messy drug rehabilitation problems seem to be of less concern to Kate Moss–whose penchant for partying is just as widely known–than a possible former musical collaboration with his ex-girlfriend. ContactMusic.com has the details:

Dot Allison, the ex girlfriend of Babyshambles singer Doherty, has said that an album they wrote and recorded two years ago cannot be released because Kate has a case of the green eyed monster.

Allison told the Sunday Mail: “Pete and I wrote a batch of great songs together two years ago. But they can’t be released at the moment.”

She added: “The situation is Kate has banned him from releasing them. That’s what I’ve been told. Most of them are strummed on acoustic guitar, really beautiful duets.”

Can I just tell you how refreshing it is to be writing about Pete Doherty without using the words “jail,” “rehab,” or “blood on hotel walls?”

MOSS ‘BANNED PETE’S ALBUM’ [ContactMusic.com]

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