Kate Moss Goes On A Bender

March 27th, 2006 // 16 Comments

Should Kate Moss’ stint in rehab be considered a success when she has apparently just traded on one bad habit for another? Kate Moss may be saying goodbye to cocaine, but she’s welcomed marathon drinking sessions into her routine. She along with Stella McCartney, who were later joined by Sadie Frost and Jude Law, partied for 21 hours straight.

Kate, who spent a month in rehab last year to quit cocaine, started her binge on Thursday evening and didn’t call it a day until 3pm yesterday. She kicked off the session with Davinia Taylor at 6pm and things hotted up an hour later when Stella McCartney pitched up at Kate’s place in Primrose Hill, London. The trio then headed to see Jack White’s new band the Raconteurs play at the Astoria.

Mum-of-one Kate then hooked up with divorced couple Sadie Frost and Jude Law. “Sadie and Jude took great care not to be snapped together,” our mole reveals. “Afterwards Jude couldn’t hide his happiness when he convinced Jack to join them for a drink.”

The gang waddled down to the Phoenix bar in Soho together and old pals Jude and Kate were laughing and joking to each other before they went in. Kate loosened up even more after a few bevvies to celebrate her return to her old hardpartying ways.

When she came out of the bar she bawled at the waiting paparazzi: “Get some of this,” launching into a stunning photoshoot pose. We’re told: “Kate was in a really flirty mood and even admitted she got a kick out of teasing the snappers.” She and Sadie then headed straight to a party at the Islington home of outrageous artist Jake Chapman.

Our spy continues: “Sadie was one of the first to leave at about 4am. “She was so trollied she tripped and hid her face behind a coat.

In A State Moss [3am]

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By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. doofus


    there is NO WAY you can party for 21 hours straight, while drinking excessively, and NOT be doing something else to keep you awake.

    and Sadie and Jude were people she used to do coke and have threesomes with, according to Kate Moss personally.

    so, uh…I don’t buy that she’s not still using coke.

  2. Ethang

    Why is this woman glorified?

    I pity her child.

    Social Services please take child away.

  3. Kelsey

    The salamandar crawls again…

  4. Larry Howard

    Must be nice to be rich, drunk, coked-up and not have to care for your 3 year-old daughter.

  5. Small Fry

    Thank you Ethang! I have been wishing that social services would take that child ever since the coke scandal broke. You know if it were any normal person they would’ve taken that kid in a heartbeat. What a way to grow up……..mommy always coked up going on benders.

  6. And to think, Kate Moss was eligible for the mother of the year award. Although, she still is a better mother than Sharon Osbourne. I mean, at least Kate Moss’s kids aren’t a total wreck like she is, whereas Sharon Osbourne raised two ugly delinquents.

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  7. terk

    Boy is this chick’s kid gonna hate her! What a fucking horrible mother. It’s a shame sometimes the trash that is blessed with fertility.

  8. I use to love Sadie and Jude...

    It’s a bit sad. These people are over 30 (Sadie is over 40 years old now). Grow up people. Partying this hard is more acceptable (I never was into drugs or threesomes though) in my teens and twenties…but it’s a bit sad to hear these women partying so hard at their age. Sadie’s a mom of four y’all! When are these women going to realize that they are getting too old to party like this…and there are YOUNGER versions of them running around clubs. Pathetic…and Jude needs hair plugs…he’s showing his age too.

  9. Becky

    Gee, I sure wish I could leave my five year old boy at home and just PARTY IT UP for 21 hours straight. NOT.

    I used to go out clubbing when I was younger, and the longest I was always able to withstand – with alcohol consumption – was until 7 a.m. Then I’d crash into merciful sleep. And I was in my twenties! No way could I stand a 21 hour bender fueled by liquor (coffee would be another story). Then again, I wasn’t a big cokehead like our mega model here.

  10. Katie

    She’s an addict. Plain and simple. Even if she’s not doing coke, she’ll subsitute with another substance.

    It is a shame that she’s given such a gorgeous little child and she still thinks running around with a bunch of losers getting drunk is more important.

    That’s stuff you do when you’re a kid.

  11. j

    Ditto to the first comment. There’s no way you could party that long and through the night with alcohol alone. Cocaine or some other upper was definitely involved. This is coming from someone with enough history to know.

  12. Silasdog

    I’ve done a little “partying” in my time, and believe me, no one parties for 21 hours (particularly if you’re boozing too) straight without chemical assistance. The sad part of this is her daughter. I would take that kid into my own family if I could, just to get her away from her loser-ass mother, whom, by the way, will end up dead from an OD, or a “passed out choke on the vomit” ending.

  13. Listen, in defense of Kate Moss… she had a difficult childhood, growing up poor. In other words, she wasn’t born with a silver spoon in her… nose! HA HA HA!

  14. Kelsey

    I was getting all ready to shoot you back Twisted, but I loved the ending of your comment, bravo!

  15. taylor

    Somethings going to happen, I hope she wakes up in enough time before it does. Number 11…are you perhaps, jude?

  16. skysthelimit

    Parents also have the right to have fun and go out and party, get wild and crazy, get drunk. You dont have to spend every hour of your time with your children to me a good parent. Going out for dinner/bars every saturday that is ok if you spend the other 6 days of the week with your children.

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