Kate Moss Gets Drunk And Dunks

The rich and famous love a good reason to party. Whether it’s for a personal charity (like the gallery photos of Kate Moss attending Natalia Vodianova’s event for her Naked Heart Foundation) or raising money for victims of the latest natural disaster in Haiti, the ‘one percent’ love any reason to get smashed.

Exhibit A, Kate Moss attended pal Naomi Campbell’s Fashion For Relief event benefiting Haiti. Like the cool cat she is, Kate got down to tunes by Jay-Z and Madonna while enjoying 1 or 7 glasses of Laurent Perrier Rose champagne. The next thing you know, Kate “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels” Moss is drunk off her rocker and ordering the help to get her a bucket of ice water. Kate, obviously ordering the chilled H20 for anti-wrinkling purposes, proceeded to dunk her head into the freezing water.

Rumors are swirling that the reason drunk Moss did this was to ward off wrinkles. With her millions of dollars, I don’t really understand why Kate wouldn’t just invest in an over-priced cream. Even rubbing whale blubber on her face would seem less odd to me than dunking her head into water at a public event. Chances are Kate was just wasted and thought that was the best way to immediately sober up. All of the sudden, everyone was probably like,”Oh, Kate Moss must be doing that so she doesn’t get wrinkles! Brilliant!”.

I can’t wait until my late-night shit fests are chronicled as anti-aging techniques. Pay me to party, bitches.