Kate Moss Gets Twisted

April 13th, 2006 // 9 Comments

When is the Katie Holmes sculpture being unveiled? She would logically come next right?

Artist Marc Quinn has created a sculpture of Kate Moss in various yoga positions. Quinn says, “She is a contemporary version of the Sphinx. A mystery.” She’s a mystery alright. You can catch the sculpture of Cocaine Kate in London, but those of us in New York City will have to wait until April 2007 when the series of sculptures debuts at the Mary Boone Gallery.

(Image WOW Report via Derek Hall)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. libby

    am i first?

  2. tia

    Whats up with all these sculptures people are making of celebs??? First you had the one about Britney and now this one !!!!!!! Jeez next were gonna have a sculpture of Parasite Hilton … ugh !!

  3. libby

    no comment on this story, but an unfortunate truth about entertainers is that MOST of them do cocaine or meth or other stimulants just to get through the day. ESPECIALLY women, since their weight is always scrutinized.
    hell, i wait tables, and most waiters even snort coke (not me)!
    have you noticed kate has gotten most of her endorsements back already? those companies just have to please shareholders by pretending to be shocked by her drug use…then all she has to do is camp out at rehab for a month and get contracts back. she is still doing drugs. they all do.
    (her BFF is hohan—hello!)

  4. C

    Kate is FAR from being the modern day version of the Sphinx. Also, isn’t that the same pose just photographed from different angles?

  5. anon

    What’s this guys obsession with spread-eagle women?

    Oh I guess I just answered my own question.

  6. I like! Finally something worth talking about!

  7. Whatever ‘This is so Punk’ You’re a frigin’ loser!

  8. Girly Girl

    If I could do that I would never leave my house…

  9. la

    Once again, a statue of a woman positioned for the optimum view of her crotch.

    Up next, Halle Berry doing an upside-down split. Will no one egg this man’s house?

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