Kate Moss Doesn’t Care About Second Career

September 29th, 2005 // 19 Comments

And what would be her first? Expert tester for the Cocaine of the month club? While associates of Kate Moss claim that she was “gutted, absolutely devastated” by the tabloid’s story, that may not be how she actually feels.

Coked-up cutie Kate Moss may be headed to rehab after issuing a public apology, but friends say she’s showing no remorse in private. We’re told one of Moss’ first comments when the drug photos surfaced was, “Oh, well, there goes my second career.” Moss, who was recently spotted in Scottsdale, Ariz., near the Meadows rehab center, has shown less concern about losing custody of her daughter, Lila Grace. Another pal reported, “She just told her agent three days ago that she doesn’t give a [bleep] what people think, she will not change her lifestyle because of a tabloid or public opinion.”

Let’s hope the bitch actually receives prison time.

Moss Said ‘Devastated’ by Drug Charges [AP]
Kate Shrugs Off Coke Furor [Page Six]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Mariana

    Everytime I see her with Pete Doherty I just shake my head in disbelief because he’s so friggin’ gross.

    She looks fug in that pic.

    I guess she already has enough money? Although you’d be surprised how a voracious coke habit can eat through a few million. Just ask Rick James. Oh wait, he’s dead. Nevermind.

  2. maria

    I look at her face in that photo and can’t believe she’s a model. She looks so worn and vulgar.

  3. plum

    she’s hot!!! even at her worst she’s gorgeous. but i also shake my head whenever i see her with him.

  4. Like she’s not gross?
    A used condom looks more appealing

  5. Silasdog

    you gotta be kidding me with this guy (I think he’s a guy). where in the world did she find this weirdo? what is his story? he’s a cartoon character come to life. more human sewage here, just flush them away.

  6. LoLo

    Prison? For being a skanky coke hoover? Surely Scotland Yard has something a bit more important to investigate, like how you go from being an immigrant with an expired visa to a bullet ridden corpse on the subway.

    I just think that Janice Dickenson should do a show where she counsels Kate and Courtney on how to be a washed out druggie and still manage to scrounge enough to buy cosmetic surgery.

  7. Satan's LapDog

    Why should “the bitch” get prison time? For doing a little coke? That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard in my life. Like everyone doesn’t do coke these days. Get with it.

  8. Conrad

    Since she can probably afford her own coke and find her own dealer, I’ll assume he’s hung like donkey…

  9. moss is boss

    Hell yeah girl, keepin’ it real. If I were her I wouldn’t give a shit about working again either! I would buy an island made of coke and spend my golden years lazing around on a white powdery beach, chain smoking and drinking wine like water. Party on.

  10. tempy

    She looks horrible. She looks like all she does is suck back cocaine and drinks. HE looks like he probably did a bump before he took the picture or maybe smoked some crack rocks before they got there.

    Hopefully they will take that child from her. Like she spends any time with her anyway…

  11. mischa

    I just love how she’s smoking indoors. What ever happened to the good old days in America.

  12. me

    i think she looks a little lizzie grubman-esque…

  13. me

    i think she looks a little lizzie grubman-esque here

  14. e

    I’ll never understand what she sees in Doherty.

  15. dottcomm1

    hate to admit it, but if you’ve ever heard his music, he’s really good! sure he’ll be lucky to make it past 30, but pick up a libertines cd and you’ll see.

  16. Go Kate!! I just wish she’d voice her sentiments publicly (and get some help if she really has a problem).

  17. dirtygrrl

    Free Kate!

  18. ricky

    They look so written off. It’s beyond a joke anymore. They need to be strapped down and detoxed cold turkey.

  19. thezigster

    katie luvs her drugs..she luvs getting high…the higher the better…crack is king…yehh

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