Kate Moss Doesn’t Care About Second Career

And what would be her first? Expert tester for the Cocaine of the month club? While associates of Kate Moss claim that she was “gutted, absolutely devastated” by the tabloid’s story, that may not be how she actually feels.

Coked-up cutie Kate Moss may be headed to rehab after issuing a public apology, but friends say she’s showing no remorse in private. We’re told one of Moss’ first comments when the drug photos surfaced was, “Oh, well, there goes my second career.” Moss, who was recently spotted in Scottsdale, Ariz., near the Meadows rehab center, has shown less concern about losing custody of her daughter, Lila Grace. Another pal reported, “She just told her agent three days ago that she doesn’t give a [bleep] what people think, she will not change her lifestyle because of a tabloid or public opinion.”

Let’s hope the bitch actually receives prison time.

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