Kate Moss Cozies Up To Jack Osborne

January 20th, 2006 // 6 Comments

Maybe it’s the allure of his clean and soberness. Although, Kate is far from sober.

Kate Moss has stunned pals – by cosying up to Jack Osbourne on a recent wild night out.

The sexy supermodel, who split from rocker Pete Doherty soon after she was snapped snorting cocaine, was said to be “all over” Ozzy Osbourne‘s son at swanky nightclub Teddy’s at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel.

Sexy mum-of-one Kate was also allegedly bumping and grinding with the 20-year-old reality TV star as fellow revellers – including Natalie Portman, Kate Hudson and Jessica Simpson – looked on aghast, according to America’s New York Daily News newspaper.
Kate and Jack were first seen out together just days after she left rehab in December to battle her drug problem.

Kate was snapped shopping in Los Angeles with teetotaller Jack – who has also been through rehab to quit drink and drugs.

She’s liking those young men these days, isn’t she?

Kate Moss gets cosy with Jack [FemaleFirst]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Bay Girl

    …she looks totally pinged in that pic

  2. ShoeSlut

    …eew! She really does!

  3. IfITypeItLooksLikeImWorking

    She aint off the drugs no way nu uh-her face looks like its shrivelling every second of the day with all that coke abuse one of these days her head will just be a blank hole because she has snorted her face into herself-is it me or is she really not that attractive – in fact she reminds me of Kirsten dunst a little bit-ratty hair and snaggle teeth

  4. doofus

    as I said yesterday, I think the whole rehab thing was a media ploy. she did it to save face with her “fans” (seriously, how can you be a fan of someone when all they do is pose in front of a camera?…what “talent” does that demonstrate?!) and to get her modeling contracts back.

    I don’t find her particular beautiful…I think she photographs well, but when I see her when she’s not all done up for a photo shoot, she’s very ordinary…not ugly, but nothing special. and looks like she never brushes her hair.

  5. D

    When did Jack cut his hair and lose all that weight? “Sobriety” is treating him well.

  6. Alexi

    Disgusting. Why would she “cozy” up with Jack? Oh, wait. She did date Pete Dougherty. She must have really bad taste in really ugly men then. You’d think supermodels would have better taste but you hump what you can get right?!

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