Kate Moss Agrees To Face Questioning

Well it’s about time. The cocaine-free model has agreed to answer questions in regards to the infamous video in which she was shown snorting line after line of blow. While she’s agreed to questioning, it’s going to be taking place here in the U.S.

The supermodel’s lawyers have reportedly set up the interview with Metropolitan police officers. The star – who has residing in the US – is said to be furious over reports she was refusing to talk to police after they appealed to her several weeks ago.

A spokesman for Kate – who lost several lucrative modelling contracts and checked into rehab after the shocking images of her taking cocaine were published last year – said: “Kate has made it clear she will co-operate with any investigation.”

The model, who is currently in Paris where she has just celebrated her 32nd birthday – is expected to be questioned within a month. An insider told Britain’s Daily Mirror newspaper: “At last she seems to be seeing sense.

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