Kate Moss Engaged And Barely Lucid

March 26th, 2008 // 5 Comments

It might have just been a drunken ramble, but Kate Moss recently announced in Amsterdam her plans to wed. The supermodel reportedly left a bar on the arm of her boyfriend, Jamie Hince, who is a guitarist for The Kills and emerged to a group of fans, to whom she announced the news.

According to a witness, “She came out giggling and seemed a little bit tipsy. Lots of fans were taking her picture on their mobile phones. She told them, ‘I’m getting married.’ One girl asked her when, and she said, ‘Soon’.” Kate must not have had the benefit of some girlfriends around for advice because friends don’t let friends get engaged drunk.

In any case, Kate and Jamie have been dating since last summer, after the end of the supermodel’s highly-publicized romance with Babyshambles singer, Pete Doherty. Man, those two kept me pretty busy last summer. I can only hope for the sake of this blog that this union will be half as disastrous. Or, at the very least, that Kate never stops drinking and getting engaged.

Photos: INFDaily.com

By Lisa Timmons

  1. erika

    She is such a train wreck and a skank.

  2. Leila

    It’s amazing how very ordinary these so-called style icons look without the entourage of stylists, hairdressers, make-up artists and of course photo-editing. Don’t think it’s going to be long before Ms Moss is well and truly past her use-by date.

  3. I’m a Kate fan but she seems to be permanently drunk these days. She must be following the low cal champagne and cigarette diet. I suppose it’s more fun than the Zone diet at least. Plays havoc with the skin and hair though.
    Oh Well. Pass the bubbly.

  4. spaz

    does this drunken mess ever spend time with her daughter?

  5. Margrette

    I’m one of your UK fans. I work at a club on a side street in Notting Hill where A-listers party. I’ve never seen one since I do food prep but allegedly Ms Moss loves the duck breast salad with cherry balsamic dressing (which I lovingly prepare) enjoyed with La Chiara and then she gets her dance on.

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