Kate Moss Eaten By Fuzzy Snake, Snake Gets Tummy-Ache

Ha! Can you imagine the toxic shock a snake would experience by swallowing Kate Moss whole? I have a feeling it would hallucinate for days during the digestion of her drug-filled body. Plus, would it really be worth it to enjoy the meager amounts of tough flesh clinging to those supermodel bones of hers? I think not.

Well, as if it weren’t enough that the supermodel makes loads of money off a trim body for which she can thank the copious amounts of illicit substances she takes on a daily basis, she’s also got good luck when it comes to gambling.

The model was spotted leaving Aspinall’s casino the other night, carrying what appeared to be an impressive sum of cash. Nice. I wonder if she’s going to add gambling to her laundry list of addictions. Remind me to open up a casino in London that sells black leggings and cocaine. I have a feeling I could get a lot of business.

Photos: BauerGriffinOnline.com

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