Kate Hudson’s Ex Can’t Get Into Hyde

(Photo removed at request of actual person in photo – it wasn’t Chris Robinson.)

TMZ has footage of Chris Robinson, lead singer of the Black Crowes and Kate Hudson’s newly ex-husband, getting barred from Hyde. Hyde is now the Studio 54 of the Fame Victim Generation. I doubt the music’s as good. Let’s all pray for a bombing.

We hope Chris Robinson enjoyed living on the A-list while he had the chance.

Kate Hudson’s soon-to-be-ex got a serious reality check this weekend when he became the latest semi-star to get denied from Hyde.

Robinson, who filed for divorce from Hudson in November, joined the ranks of Tara Reid, Chyna Doll and Greasy Bear Davis by getting rejected from the Hollywood hotspot on Saturday night.

Sporting a raggedy outfit and dirty beard, the grungy Black Crowes frontman desperately tried to work the doorman before finally admitting defeat and taking the loser walk to the next club … or soup kitchen.

This is sad, because I’m a fan of the Black Crowes. He’s an electrifying frontman when he hasn’t done too much herb. I choose to believe that they just thought he was homeless and wanted to dance a jig for money or something.

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