Kate Hudson Parties It up Like a Rockstar, Yankee Not Included

Is anyone SURPRISED that the love affair between Kate Hudson and New York Yankee Alex Rodriguez didn’t last? Kate , if being involved with a baseball stud didn’t work for Marylin Monroe, or Madonna for that matter (same Rod in her equation-teehee!), why would it work for you??

I think your best bet is to stay with the musicians.  I hear John Mayer is available. Just make sure to gargle.  I hear he comes with complimentary Listerine. HA!

Anyway, Kate changed up her holiday spirit this year with a Christmas party, instead of her usual Holloween event, sans the baseball stud, and managed to partay it up with smiles and a good time to be had, just the way all uber hawt single girls should!!! Preferably in a boxing ring equipped for hot oil wrestling. I’m just sayin’.

Gallery Info: Saturday 19th December 2009. Kate Hudson leaves little to the
imagination as she walks to her car after dining at a local cafe in
Brentwood. The actress, whose movie ‘NINE’ debuts next week, showed off
her stunning figure in a very short floral dress and ‘EMU’ Ugg style

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