Kate Hudson and Owen Wilson Work It Out

May 21st, 2007 // 11 Comments

Here’s Kate and one of the irritating Wilson Bros. working on their fitness. Damn, I wish I had Kate’s belly. I need to lay off the Twinkies. You could serve dinner on her stomach. Maybe she’s able to stay so trim because she’s not sitting around waiting for a barber to CUT HER CHILD’S HAIR. Trim that mop! I like the breezy white thing she changes into for her post-gym jaunt for a smoothie. I feel California in her.

More photos of Kate Hudson after the jump.

By J. Harvey

  1. Tonysgirl

    What is the obession with her childs hair? Does it matter that much? leave the child alone already.

  2. disturbedandgorgeous

    I must applaud Kate for resisting the urge to have breast augmentation, but dayum…she is really flat-chested, poor girl.

  3. Char

    Seriously. I loved her in Almost Famous. She WAS Penny Lane. But I haven’t seen her in anything since then that was worth the price of the ticket. I worry that she hit her big mark with her first big film and it’s all downhill from there. I hope not.

    And as far as the flat chest thing, I’m not Pamela Anderson, but seriously. I almost stare at her in that sort of circus-freak kind of way. I didn’t realize that grown women could seriously be THAT flat.

  4. rootabega

    really people?? yes, her kid’s hair is too long. no, she’s not too flat. i think it makes her stand out from all the boring blow-up dolls of today (j. simpson, im talkin to you). and should be applauded that she doesnt kowtow to the hollywood conformity. so there!

  5. aaahhh

    show me the boobies!!!!

  6. gross

    She’s not a blow-up doll, but she looks like a 10-year old boy. It’s just a fact.

  7. BoobyGirl

    This poor “girl” needs a boob job so she can look like a lady.
    What does Owen get out of feeling up a little girl.
    Owen needs BOOBS. Get some BOOBS.

  8. el

    If she even had an A cup she would appear more womanly. I’ve seen 12 year old girls with more breast tissue.

  9. Sara

    You people are crazy. Kate Hudson is stunning! I think boobs would really blow her figure. Seriously, break out of what the media screams is perfection and see her beauty for yourself.

    By the way, women with huge boobs usually are saggy, stretch-marked, and covered with cellulite. Not always, but seriously, most of the time.

  10. Laura

    She looks wonderfully lithe and feminine. One would hope that Wilson sees her as more than a ‘feel up’!

  11. mukhtar fazal

    Kate Hudson she is hot

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