Kate Hudson & Minka Kelly Celebrate Yankees World Series Victory

After following their baseball-playing boyfriends throughout this season, Minka Kelly and Kate Hudson helped the Yankees celebrate their 27th World Series Victory by partying it up at the NYC club, 1Oak.

Hudson joined slugger boyfriend, Alex Rodriguez, and his mother, Lourdes Navarro, and sister, Suzy, at the event. The couple arrived together at 2 a.m. and while Kate only spent half an hour at the gathering, A-Rod didn’t leave until 5 a.m. Minka and her sweetie, Derek Jeter, were in it for the long haul, both staying until around 5 in the morning. A witness claims, “Minka and Derek seemed really happy.”

Additionally, it seems that the relationship between Kate and A-Rod is still pretty hot and heavy. A snitch tells Us Weekly, “They love sex! Kate gets graphic talking about his body, even to her parents.”

And Kate’s not the only one who’s a fan of Alex’s physique. In fact a former flame claims that the professional athlete has decorated his bedroom with “two painted portraits of himself as a centaur.” The snitch adds, “He was so vain…It was ridiculous.”

He probably thinks this post is about him.

Gallery Info: Kate Hudson, Alex Rodriguez, Kurt Russell, Derek Jeter, Chace Crawford and Minka Kelly at the Yankees’ Party at 1Oak to celebrate the World Series win.