Kate Hudson is Loving Getting A-‘Muse’d

When you’re dealing with one of Hollywood’s hottest actresses, and no, I’m not talking about any of the ‘B’ movie boob flashers, tabloid trash,  or not-fantastic-plastic doll doubles.

I am talking about, an honest to goodness, leading lady, all-American sweetheart, like Kate Hudson, there is definitely a tension when it comes to who is up for the role of her leading man. Enter, top 100 ranked guitar god, Matt Bellamy

It’s no story that Kate is a sucker for musicians, as baby daddy of her son Ryder Robinson, is Chris Robinson, of The Black Crows.  But damn!!! She surely hit the hot rocker jackpot hooking up with Matt. 

As the lead singer, primary contributor of über hot rock band ‘Muse’, it is only too right that  Kate’s legendary mom and dad, Goldie Hawn, Kurt Russel are seemingly welcoming Matt with open arms. I think it is so sweet that he put his guitar down, to take a bike ride with the parental units of his lady love, over the weekend in Santa Monica.  Although, Kurt’s FBI hat is definitely saying, “You may know how to play the guitar like a son-of-a-bitch, but don’t you play with my little girls heart.”