Kate Hudson Is In Awe Of Everyone

November 19th, 2009 // 5 Comments

While on the set of Nine, Kate Hudson watched son, Ryder, become a man, admired Sofia Loren‘s many talents and brushed up on her maternal banter. 

Director Rob Marshall set up a green room for the ladies to hang out in.  They bonded, bragged talked about their children and formed friendships to last until someone a bit more famous comes along.

Hudson witnessed a very proud moment when Ryder recognized the very essence of beauty.  “I saw Penelope (Cruz) in the lobby today,” he told her. “You could see that he recognized what a beautiful woman she is.  He’s so cute!”  she gushed to Extra.

One person in particular who caught Hudson’s attention was screen legend, Sofia Loren.

“‘She’s just incredibly elegant and beautiful,’ Hudson says. ‘And the work she’s done, and the people she’s worked with. It’s like a living legend, an icon!’”

Catch more from Kate’s interview with Extra below.

Gallery Info: Kate Hudson and son, Ryder, lunch together in Brentwood California on Thursday.

By Kelly Lynch

  1. wendy

    Goldie Hawn ….. she’s NOT………. BUT Goldie is the ONLY reason she IS where she is today. As an actress she plays herself reciting new lines…. Look at the ACTING ability of REAL actors…. Meryl Streep, Bette Davis, Glenn Close come to mind……. they become someone entirely new each time we see them on the screen.

    GO away — LEARN the craft you aspire to…. and be a mother instead of a bimbo man swapper

  2. Harusami

    The name is SOPHIA Loren!

  3. d's advocate

    So… Wendy… when was the last time you were nominated for an Academy Award like Kate Hudson was for her performance in Almost Famous? Her response and line, “What kind of beer?” is taught in acting classes. I’ll agree she hasn’t made great choices of romantic comedies in the interim, but I’m betting she scores a 10 in Nine.

  4. d's advocate

    Um Wendy… have you been nomiated for an Academy Award like Kate Hudson was for Almost Famous? I think the Academy voters have a better eye for acting ability than you, but of course you’re welcome to be an armchair critic and the morality police if you must – just remember, “Judge not, lest you be judged”. I’ll agree her choices of romantic comedies haven’t been the greatest, but I’ll bet she’ll score a 10 in Nine.

  5. unusualyou

    Wendy you are none other than a HATER! BOOO Wendy!

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