Kate Hudson And Alex Rodriguez Work It Out

These two are pretty clever.  Why attempt to work out after stuffing yourself with turkey when you can do it beforehand? 

Here are Kate Hudson and Alex Rodriguez at the gym Thanksgiving day, preparing for the eat-a-thon and possibly a few thousand hours of James Bond movies on TNT.  Romantic!

And can someone please explain the appeal of A-Rod to me?  I’m a New Yorker and I still don’t get it!  The guy’s got a face like an anvil.  I’m telling ya, he’s got real estate on that forehead!  I guess dreamy eyes and a fat sack of cash gets you pretty far with the ladies these days.  And maybe a little Vicadin to help forget that he touched Madonna.  Shiver.

Gallery Info: Kate Hudson and Alex Rodriguez trying to be sneaky at Gold’s Gym in Venice.