Kate Hudson Acting Like A Woman Scorned

You know somewhere, Chris Robinson is wishing that Owen and Kate would have lasted just long enough for the divorce proceedings to go along with her in a blissful state of delusion. However, little did he know, “The Butterscotch Stallion,” is a restless breed of bronco and can’t be tied down. He must be free to roam the praries, his shaggy, $300 haircut trailing in the breeze behind him. US Weekly reports:

“Since Owen kicked her to the curb, she has turned into a tyrant to everybody in sight,” a confidant tells the New York Daily News’ Gatecrasher column.

“And she just backed off on her offer to buy [soon to-be ex-husband] Chris Robinson a house in Malibu.”

Added the source: “They’re ironing out their divorce right now, and there will be a line in it about Chris having ‘suitable housing’ for when Ryder comes to stay, but she’s not going to buy him the Malibu dream house anymore.”

Well, I’m guessing that since Robinson isn’t Barbie, he’ll probably be OK.

Heartbroken Kate Lashes Out [US Weekly]


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