Kate Holmes Puts Freeze On Baby Production

(Mavrix Photo)

After writing that headline, I’m completely imagining Katie’s uterus as tiny, in-house baby factory that she has willed to come to a grinding halt, complete with gears slowldy ceasing to turn and pistons no longer pumping. And I find it intruiging, mostly because if I could will my uterus to do that, I’d be able to save a fortune on birth control. I kid! My birth control at the free clinic doesn’t cost a thing! Much like JLO’s love!

Life&Style Weekly reports:

“Tom wants more kids now,” says an insider. “But as much as Katie loves being a mom and really wants to make him happy, she’s just not in a rush to have another baby.”

THIS is how people end up forcefully abducted by aliens. That’s all I’m saying. Just relax and don’t fight it, baby.