Kate Holmes Looking to Upgrade Tom Cruise

Katie Holmes is reportedly hoping to give her wacky hubby a makeover to try update his image. It appears that the influence of Katie’s fashion-obsessed friend, Victoria Beckham, has left its mark and now Katie wants Tom to alter his look so that their age gap isn’t quite as apparent. In addition, Tom is now concerned that his physique is lacking and is having a negative effect on his film career. Someone close to the movie star informed him that actors like Daniel Craig and Hugh Jackman were beating him out for choice film roles because of their comparatively more muscular builds. And now, it seems that Tom is working out obsessively, to the point of nearly passing out.

You know what? That might actually be a good thing, because I have a feeling that Tom is much more convincing as a sane person when he’s unconscious. Seriously, though, I’m thinking that a ban on all public dancing for Tom would probably suffice.

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