Kate Holmes Looking to Upgrade Tom Cruise

August 13th, 2007 // 13 Comments

Katie Holmes is reportedly hoping to give her wacky hubby a makeover to try update his image. It appears that the influence of Katie’s fashion-obsessed friend, Victoria Beckham, has left its mark and now Katie wants Tom to alter his look so that their age gap isn’t quite as apparent. In addition, Tom is now concerned that his physique is lacking and is having a negative effect on his film career. Someone close to the movie star informed him that actors like Daniel Craig and Hugh Jackman were beating him out for choice film roles because of their comparatively more muscular builds. And now, it seems that Tom is working out obsessively, to the point of nearly passing out.

You know what? That might actually be a good thing, because I have a feeling that Tom is much more convincing as a sane person when he’s unconscious. Seriously, though, I’m thinking that a ban on all public dancing for Tom would probably suffice.

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By Lisa Timmons

  1. green cardigan

    Katie hasn’t a hope of ‘updating’ Tom Cruise, never mind trying to bring the sexy back.

    Katie, give it up as a lost clause. It ain’t going to happen. The day Tom climbed up on that sofa and flung his armzs in the air, was the day he cashed in his last remaining sexy chips for a lifetime supply of insanity chips.

  2. green cardigan

    a lost cause, not clause ..jaysus, where’s the brain?

  3. LeslieD

    I like both of them–Tom needed to get in shape–he had been looking chubby and overdressed. Especially at the wedding. I wish them both lots of happiness.

  4. LeslieD

    I like both of them–Tom needed to get in shape–he had been looking chubby and overdressed. Especially a bit rotund at the wedding. I wish them both lots of happiness.

  5. That coat would be hot if only it were 12-16″ longer.


  6. Wendy

    I know I may get clobbered for this one, but it’s only MY OPINION! Short men= not sexy. Tall men= VERY SEXY. Too bad Tom can’t get that lengthening surgery they perform on little people ;-)

  7. ZeldaF

    They should start with a new coif. That cut makes him look like Mr. Forehead the Munchkin Man. He just looks so small & geeky when he stands next to her; it’s kinda creepy!

  8. Jeanie

    The difference between Tom Cruise and other leading men such as Daniel Craig and Hugh Jackman is that they are tall and Tom is almost a midget. And his hair looks stupid. There’s nothing more pathetic than an older man being styled like he 25.

  9. Misty

    Check out Tom’s shadow on the wall in the second picture. There’s horns!

  10. driso

    Tommy thinks he’s losing roles ’cause he’s not as muscular as Craig and Jackman? Really? As opposed to his off-putting, super-intense, batshit crazy persona?

  11. hy33

    if anyone needs a makeover it’s katie. She dresses like she’s a 50 year old french woman. Not attractive. Jesus..the girl isn’t even 30 yet and she’s wearing high neck blouses and plaid…yuck!!!!!!! she needs to toss the armani look….it’s NOT for her.

  12. Miwanna

    How deluded is Katie? Here she thought she was going to rise to great heights as Mrs. Tom and instead he has drug her down into batshit crazy land. Tom isn’t getting roles because he is box office poison. No one wants to see his crazy ass on the big screen. You can’t forget it’s Tom Crazy Cruise up there which then ruins the suspension of disbelief needed to get ito a movie. There is no makeover than can undo what he did to himself a few years ago. And he also just flat out LOOKS crazy out of his eyes these days too. No hiding that crazy man light in his eyes, no siree.

  13. GingerC

    It is really sickening to me how Tom “disposes” of his wives when they get older. He started out with Mimi Rogers, then Nicole Kidman and now Katie Holmes. Is anyone else seeing a pattern here?

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