Kate Gosslin Interviewed By Larry King, To Guest Host ‘The View’

Relishing every minute she has of the spotlight, reality TV star, Kate Gosselin, continues to ensure that her divorce from husband, Jon Gosselin, be as public as possible.

The mother of eight reveals to Larry King in a lengthy interview that although she is “lonely,” denies that she has any time to date. This, despite rumors that Kate is getting cozy with her bodyguard, Steve Neild, who is seen here escorting her to CNN in Hollywood for her interview.

Kate claims that although her children are not currently receiving counseling, she is open to the idea and thinks they’re handling the divorce well.

When it came to talking about John, Kate says that although she doesn’t agree with “his decisions right now,” she does believe he is ultimately a good father. While he has expressed a desire to end his participation on their TLC reality series, Jon & Kate Plus Eight, Kate remains happy to stay on TV.

Kate tells Larry, “Personally, for myself and the kids, this has been a good experience. It continues to be a good experience.” And her career in front of the camera continues to expand with an upcoming guest-hosting stint on The View, to sub for Elisabeth Hasselbeck, who is out on maternity leave.

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and Steve Neild Arriving At CNN In Hollywood.