Kate Gosselin Will Be Dancing With The Boobs At Home

Watch out Pamela Anderson’s boobs! Kate Gosselin is a competitor and it looks like she’s bringing the twins out to play.

Gosseln worked/played in New York this week and brought out the fun bags for some air. She also glammed up with a little maintenance on her new hair at a salon yesterday with her bodyguard Steve Neild and her new Dancing With the Stars partner Tony Dovalani by her side.  Maybe Dovalani needed to put in his two  cents on a look for the show. The two then hit up the Discovery Channels’ Life Premiere (random all around).

Earlier in the week Kate appeared on Jimmy Kimmel and dare I say she looked good?! I’m so confused.  Keep it up, because looking good is the best revenge.  Gosselin told him she and Tony will be practicing back at her home in Pennsylvania and then flying in to LA to compete, so she can still be a mother to her eight kids. Because everyone would have slammed her if she was off dancing in LA and neglecting the kids.  And she is going to get the working mom vote with those shots of her balancing her life and the show. And she probably wants to be a good mom too, but that’s not as fun. 

Check out the video of Kate on Jimmy Kimmel after the jump