Kate Gosselin Uses Protection

June 15th, 2009 // 12 Comments

Well it wasn’t the dream 10th wedding anniversary that Kate Gosselin had been hoping for. The mother of eight, spent her anniversary with the police and not her husband Jon Gosselin.

Kate called the cops because photographers were hanging around her $1.1 million estate in Wernersville, Pa. However, a TLC camera crew stayed at the house all day filming as she played with her kids.

So she’s okay with whatever pays the bills, but isn’t a real fan of anything else that goes with it.

Gallery Info: Kate Gosselin with the police at her home

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. american dreamer

    I resent the comment that accompanied this post: if I were a nurse (like Gosselin) who suddenly had eight mouths to feed and had to choose between handouts from the government and moving into a million dollar mansion with plenty of room for the kids to play in exchange for a reality show I’d make the obvious choice.

    At least this woman is working it any way she can, writing books, making appearances.

    If I had a deadbeat husband who quit his jobs years ago, did nothing to help at home, got high with twenty something girls and so on I’d be a bitch too.

    More generally when women are in this kind of high pressure situation…raising eight kids with no tangible support from family and friends…the bitchy attitude is a self defensive mechanism. My sister is a single mom with five kids and is the same way. Except she has to hold down two jobs to support them without any alimony.

  2. Lindz

    i really fell in love with their family and their show last summer whilst trapped in a beach house for a week with crappy weather outside and jon & kate plus 8 marathoning on TLC all week.

    so it made me really sad to watch all of this unfold. while i do think that she’s probably more bitchy than necessary, i don’t think a lot of her media play is entirely fair.

    if you ever watched the show, they were both pretty up front with the fact that they agreed to do it so that they’d have enough money to survive with that big of a family. and with the film crew around all the time, they seemed to become pretty good friends.

    in one episode the producer and camera guy installed blinds for kate while jon was at work. and when they road tripped to disney world, they realized there would have been no way to successfully transport their sleeping kids into the hotel room without leaving kids unattended either in the car or the room, so the film crew helped out by hanging with the kids in the car.

    all that to say, i think they’d be a lot cooler with hanging out with the film crew they’ve known for how many years that with the stalkerazzi popping out of bushes with telephoto lenses.

    i dunno. i just think this whole situation is really sad. and it really sucks that these kids have to go through something as trying as a divorce under such intense public scrutiny.

  3. Nichole

    June 15, 2009 9:03 AM

    But here is the thing, they (Jon & Kate) can do something about it. They can stop filming the show right now, remove their family from the public eye for a few weeks.

    However, they still continue to film. Even taking a vacation paid for by TLC, cameras following them around and all.

    Sure do they have a contract with TLC. But, they can’t go to the producers and ask for a break for 2-3 weeks, in order to work on their family?

    No, they continue to let cameras be in their children’s faces, and let all of their marital woes be captured on camera.

    Further, I tip my house to any parent, mother or father, who provides for their family. However, after a few years and when the sextups started going to school the show should have stopped. They might not have been able to buy a 1.1 million house, but they could have still bought a nice home in and around Reading PA for 1/2 that. With land, a nice house and such.

    Given what is reported they maker per show, appreances, book deals ans such. They would have had more than enough for a nice home, and to provide a nest egg for 8 children’s education. Now, it just seem like money grubbing, wanting more and more on the backs of 8 children. All the while the parents marriage is falling apart.

    Through all of this I have lost a bit of respect for TLC. They should go to Jon and Kate and not film this for a few weeks. The Gosselin children don’t deserve this and they don’t deserve having their parents marriage troubles on camera.

  4. american realist

    American Dreamer, a woman should not allow six embryos to be implanted if she cannot afford to feed and shelter them. That was her “choice”.

  5. Lillianne

    She is so screwed. All these kids have proof of the way she raised them. When they reach puberty, watch out!

  6. Alka

    Maybe i should have 10 kids so i can live it up without having to work :\

  7. Jeff Musial

    To American Dreamer. Before you call anyone a deadbeat, consider that Jon did that so Kate could do her Book tours, speaking engagements, and such. Hes been there for his kids all a long. And he’s NO DEADBEAT DAD.

  8. Donna McTaggart

    Oh my gosh – she is actually smiling. This is so rare – might actually make this photo priceless!

  9. Lindz


    i agree. i was surprised that they were continuing with filming. i think i just have a hard time thinking of them as evil money grubbers since i got sucked into the show that time. i only saw that marathon, haven’t seen it since then.

    i think they definitely should have had a point where they said, we’re done with this show, it’s served it’s purpose to help us get along in this situation. i think that point has come and passed.

    it makes me sad for the kids because they’re too young to have a say in their lives. maybe they don’t want cameras in their faces all the time …

    i just think the paparazzi tends to be pushing the limits when it comes to celebrities’ (or in this case, pseudo celebs) children. kids are the innocents. they didn’t choose the fame or the spotlight, or to be in a family like that.

    okay. off on a tangent. sorry.

  10. BuyaBra

    She had to call the cops to show off her saggy implants and had the high beams on for their pleasure. If she’d take her fat ass to the back of the house on her 26 odd acres instead of prancing around her front lawn in her baby doll dresses showing her t and a to all of America the paps wouldn’t have anything to film and the staties and cops could tend to real crimes other then placate a fame whore complaining about invited paps snapping shots. Tons of homes with lots of privacy but they buy the one with the house close to the road and instead of hanging out back always, always are in the front yard. She is pure and simple a fame whore and isn’t happy unless she’s the center of attention 24/7. And lady the police would appreciate you putting a bra on if they have to chat with you, pig that you are.

  11. Momof2

    Actually, Kate did NOT call the cops. She was caught hitting her daughter Leah and one of the Paparazzi called the police…..see the look on Kate’s face? If you haven’t herd the breaking news yet you will…Kate had completely lost it.

  12. Ohiojeepman

    No wonder John left her, she must be a real BITCH! Always nagging him, and never happy!! She just wants FAME, and to hell with everything else! Good for him! Come on over here John if you ever want to switch teams! I’ll take care of you!!!

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