Kate Gosselin Rumors: Abuse, Drinking & Infidelity

OK, so this whole Gosselin family drama has reached a new height of craziness. Reports are now circulating that mother hen Kate Gosselin is a mean mommy with a drinking problem.

This picture from In Touch shows Kate spanking one of her daughters at their home just outside Reading, Pennsylvania. A witness reports that behind-the-scenes, Kate is a very strict disciplinarian, showing her children no mercy.

In one incident told to the National Enquirer, Kate is “short-fused and demanding” and once spanked one of her sons with a mixing spoon.

The snitch confessed, “You could hear Kate forcefully whacking the child and the child screaming at the top of his lungs. People told me it happened more than once, but it was off-camera because Kate didn’t want it in the show.”

The source also claims that the mother of eight would frequently settle down for the night by drinking a bottle of wine by herself. To be fair, if I had eight kids, I’d probably be drunk most of the time. At least then, I’d have a better excuse for blacking out than “there was nothing good on TV.”

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