Kate Gosselin Rumors: Abuse, Drinking & Infidelity

June 17th, 2009 // 13 Comments

OK, so this whole Gosselin family drama has reached a new height of craziness. Reports are now circulating that mother hen Kate Gosselin is a mean mommy with a drinking problem.

This picture from In Touch shows Kate spanking one of her daughters at their home just outside Reading, Pennsylvania. A witness reports that behind-the-scenes, Kate is a very strict disciplinarian, showing her children no mercy.

In one incident told to the National Enquirer, Kate is “short-fused and demanding” and once spanked one of her sons with a mixing spoon.

The snitch confessed, “You could hear Kate forcefully whacking the child and the child screaming at the top of his lungs. People told me it happened more than once, but it was off-camera because Kate didn’t want it in the show.”

The source also claims that the mother of eight would frequently settle down for the night by drinking a bottle of wine by herself. To be fair, if I had eight kids, I’d probably be drunk most of the time. At least then, I’d have a better excuse for blacking out than “there was nothing good on TV.”

Gallery Info: Kate Gosselin spanks one of her eight kids; Kate and Jon Gosselin seen together for the first time in a while.

By Lisa Timmons

  1. ragmaglover

    So, she’s human after all and most likely stressed the frick out from this huge mess caused by her and Jon. TOO SAD!!! Wonder what things would be like if the show never happened… POOR KIDS!

  2. american dreamer

    I tapped Kate Gosselin’s ass in the back seat of my Chevy in the parking lot of the Chuck E. Cheese in Lehigh PA just last week.

    I could tell she was ovulating so I’m sure she has some more babies on the way thanks to me.

  3. Lindz

    and? i mean, i am in NO way condoning drunken parenting or abuse.

    but spanking has become too much of a taboo. there’s a time and there’s a place.

    i was spanked as a child, i’m honestly well adjusted and good with authority.

    i don’t think she’s perfect. far from it. but i think every move she makes being scrutinized and examined piece by piece, is not helping.

  4. hoosiermom

    So what? My brothers and I were spanked as children, both with wooden spoons and with hands. We all grew up to be productive members of society and we have a great relationship with our parents. They were very strict disciplinarians and didn’t tolerate any bad behavior. It’s not bad parenting. If you watch the show, those kids are usually very well behaved. And if she has a drink after her kids go to bed, big deal. So do a LOT of people I know.

  5. cbenj

    big deal. i recall my mom breaking several wooden spoons over my behind. kids need discipline or they end up shooting their schoolmates.

  6. Zelda F.

    I’m with Lindz, Hoosiermom & obenj on this. We didn’t get spankings often, but when we did, they were deserved, with a wooden spoon (or stick) and hurt. We didn’t step out of line often because we knew the consequences. We’re all well adjusted, successful and have a great relationship with our parents. Spare the rod, spoil the child.

  7. Jacq

    There is too much of a societal knee-jerk reaction that spanking qualifies as child abuse. Sometimes a little whack on the ass is in order, when my husband was in grade-high school the administrators were still paddling. And you know what? He’s fine, he’s so fine with it that he laughs at it.
    And a whole bottle? As much as I absolutely detest Kate, give her a break. That’s only like 4 glasses, unless she’s drinking the big bottles. But even then, I’ll forgive her that – the last thing I need to hear is that I have a problem of my own. :)

  8. american dreamer

    Its illegal in most northern european countries to spank your kids.


  9. jennifer

    I dont like Kate, I think shes evil…but c’mon. My sisters and I got spanked with a wooden spoon and no one called child services. Big deal

  10. joan durtz

    Who cares about these nobody’s and their brood?!

  11. T-Bone

    There is nothing wrong with spanking a child. Kids need discipline and boundaries. Abuse is different, but I don’t see this as abuse.

  12. melissa

    With all those kids she better keep them in order or they will wind up a bunch of messes. There is nothing wrong with a wooden spoon across their rear end to discipline your children. Matter a fact if you dont then you just dont care enough about your children. Kids need that in order to feel safe and secure and to know that when they do something wrong there are consequences for their actions. I don’t see what shes doing as abuse either.

  13. hanna

    we tell kids to use words when something bothers them instead of hitting…. parents should preactice what they preach and do the same. its never ok to physically hurt another person nomatter how big or small. find other positive ways to give consequences and if you cant get professionl advice. of course the behavior stops if a kid is spanked but it doesnt make it right, if you burn a kids hair the bahvior will also stop. its about whats right not about what makes it stop. tjere are plenty of positive ways to teach kids proper behavior and ways of acting and giving consequenses that ctualy teach the child how to behave better that do not invlove hurting them physically!

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